The Week IKEA Meatballs Went Vegan

IKEA Meatballs Get Vegan Makeover

IKEA is set to launch a vegan version of its much-loved meatballs in a bid to be more sustainable.

The Swedish furniture giant will sell the plant-based treat in its food halls across the UK from 3rd August.

Developed with the purpose to recreate a meatball without the meat, plant-balls are made from yellow pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion and apple and, according to the retail giant, have just four per cent of the climate footprint of the original version.

LEGO Debuts Nostalgic NES Replica With Playable ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Screen

The intricate NES Building Kit is incredibly satisfying to look at, and even has an interactive game screen. Produced in partnership with Nintendo, it features 2,646 pieces comprising an NES console model with an opening Game Pak cartridge slot built with a locking mechanism, a retro television with the first level of Super Mario Bros. World scrolling in 8-bit, a controller with a connecting cable and plug, as well as a cartridge.

Several High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked in Massive Security Breach

From about 1pm on Wednesday, a range of celebrity and brand accounts started tweeting out a message promoting a crypto giveaway, in which funds sent to a specified bitcoin wallet would send back double the amount to the user. With the US Presidential election only months away, this is an especially concerning incident.

The incident also opens up a broader range of security concerns, both for Twitter and social media more broadly – especially when you consider the way US President Donald Trump has used tweets to communicate foreign policy. A full report will clarify the situation, but Twitter will undoubtedly come under intense scrutiny as a result.

It could even lead to high profile users abandoning the platform entirely, or political leaders shutting down their accounts. If it’s possible for their profiles to be accessed on such a broad scale, that obviously leaves a lingering question over how much trust they can put in the platform.