The Week Apple Tripped Up On A Typo

Apple Announces Wrong Name For macOS Big Sur Due To Typo

As reported by CNET, people who had registered to try out the beta software for macOS 11.0 received an email from the tech giant that it was ready for testing. However, what stopped recipients in their tracks was that the subject of the email had advertised something called “Bug Sur.” It was a pretty bug gaffe, indeed.

Microsoft Announces Shutdown of Mixer Gaming Platform, Merges Mixer Users into Facebook Gaming

This week, Microsoft has announced that it’s shutting down its Mixer game-streaming platform, and merging existing Mixer users over to Facebook Gaming. In August last year, Mixer made a big splash by signing Fortnite’s biggest star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins to an exclusive, multi-year streaming deal, believed to be within the $30 million range. Microsoft additionally signed other gaming stars in the hopes of luring bigger audiences across. And while those efforts have had some impact, the most recent stats from StreamElements underline Mixer’s ongoing struggles to build a viable audience

More Brands Join Campaign to Pause Facebook Ad Spend in July in Protest Over Policy Decisions

As more big-name brands join the campaign to pause their Facebook ad spend in July, in protest over The Social Network’s inaction to address hate speech on its platform, Facebook has admitted that it has a deepening ‘trust deficit’ with ad partners, which it will need to address.

Last week, a coalition of civil rights groups launched a new campaign calling on major advertisers to pause their Facebook ad spend in order to send a message to the company that its lack of action on hate speech is not good enough.