Daily Round-Up 13/5/20

‘Trump Death Clock’ Counting ‘Avoidable’ COVID-19 Deaths Emerges In Times Square

The city that never sleeps has been kept awake by a newly-emerged billboard at Times Square claiming to count the number of COVID-19 deaths that could have been prevented if not for the United States’ delayed response to the virus. The ‘Trump Death Clock’, created by filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, is reminiscent of the National Debt Clock. The counter started out as a website but is now also being displayed at the heart of New York.

A Terrifying Robot Dog is Enforcing Social Distancing in Singapore

Singapore had one of the most successful initial responses to the coronavirus pandemic, praised by experts around the world for its low infection rate with no fatalities, even as the rest of the world saw their own numbers skyrocket. Then a second wave caught the city-state by surprise in April and led to the government taking new, draconian measures to stop the spread. Last month, leadership announced social distancing violations would carry a penalty of up to six months in jail, and now the country has a new enforcer for those rules: Boston Dynamics’ famous robo pooch, Spot, trained to break up gatherings at local parks.

Pinterest Teams Up With Shopify to Support Merchants

Pinterest and Shopify have teamed up to launch a new application on Shopify’s platform which will allow retailers to upload their catalogues to Pinterest and turn products into Shoppable Product Pins. The app offers merchants easy setup and access to distribution across Pinterest and adds a shop tab to a merchant’s profile. The feature is currently available to merchants in the US and Canada, with the integration becoming available to merchants globally in the coming weeks.