Morning Round-Up 08/04/20

British Red Cross Enlists Artists For Covid-19 Drive

The British Red Cross has launched a campaign showcasing the human capacity to support one another, in light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Created with the help of 11 UK-based artists, including graphic artist Anthony Burrill, the campaign comprises a range of artworks, all of which read: “Kindness will keep us together.”

One hundred limited-edition prints will be up for sale to raise donations, while black-and-white versions will be available to download via the British Red Cross online shop, with people encouraged to colour them in and share their work on social media.

Pantone Makes Its Colour Library Plugin Free For All Adobe Creative Cloud Users

To comfort creatives during the world-wide pandemic, industry leaders have started offering free resources to help nurture skill sets and boost productivity levels at home. Nikon and MoMA are giving free photography classes, Apple is delivering free e-books and audiobooks, and design filmmaker Gary Hustwit has been streaming his documentaries for all to enjoy.

Now, PANTONE has joined in to rally creative professionals by making the PANTONE Connect extension for Adobe Creative Cloud free until 1 July 2020 (usually $4.99 a month).

The plugin—compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign—offers full access to the most updated version of PANTONE Color Libraries, and lets you create and share palettes with collaborators, as well as organize, convert and cross-reference swatches.

To download the plugin, click here.

If These Zoom Backgrounds Don’t Win Your Next Virtual Pitch, Nothing Will

‘I just so happen to be sitting at my LEGO desk — what are the odds?’

Virtual pitches lacking a punch? Of course they are — because you’re not using these branded Zoom backgrounds.

Zoom has created scene-setters for all your potential client needs. Going after Cadbury’s? Not an issue…you can sit in your chocolate kitchen.

The backgrounds include the ‘sorry my kitchen is messy’ pack, the ‘had to pop across the road my internet is slow’ pack to even the ‘oh is my car getting in the way?’ pack – there is a background to suit every digital meeting’s needs.