Morning Round-Up 25/03/20

It’s Not a Real Guinness Ad. But It’s a Perfect Guinness Ad

This brilliant ad from Guinness isn’t actually from Guinness, it was created by a freelance copywriter, Luke O’Reilly, who single handily managed to troll the internet into thinking it was another genius stunt by the Irish beer brand.

The image went viral on Twitter last night with users praising Guinness on their “genius” and “reactive” marketing – little did they know the brand had nothing to do with it.

O’Reilly mentioned in an interview with Adweek that he wasn’t too disheartened with it going viral and as long as the message was being enforced, he was happy.

BrewDog Creates Online Bar Experience to Encourage Social Distancing

BrewDog are officially taking social distancing to the next level by creating an online bar experience across the globe.

The BrewDog bars in Australia, Germany, the UK and the US will go live creating 102 ‘virtual’ bars for friends and family to get together this Friday, but the fun doesn’t stop there… BrewDog will be hosting a number of games and activities throughout the stream such as pub quizzes, live music and live comedy.

Anyone wanting to join will have to keep an eye on the brand’s Twitter as they’ll be announcing session details and links in the coming days.


Instagram Launches New Co-Watching Feature to Help Users Connect Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

With everybody locked inside, and missing out on regular social interaction, Instagram is adding a new feature which aims to help users connect via video chat, with the option of also scrolling through your Instagram feed while still connected via video link.

The feature had actually been in development since April last year, but has been accelerated into completion in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. With everyone desperately needing more options for social interaction evidenced by increased users on apps like HouseParty and Zoom, it is nice to see the bigger social media players doing their part to aid people through this crisis.