The Week Brands Got Creative & Said Thank You

Every Little Helps

We’re all acutely aware of the hard work and sacrifices being made by health and social workers around the clock, to get us out of this situation as quickly and safely as possible.

However, some brands have amazingly decided to put their money where their mouths are and offer small tokens of appreciation to NHS workers, emergency services workers, social care workers and many other incredible people battling to keep us safe.

Some food and drink outlets, such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks, have made a heartfelt gesture by offering free cold or hot drinks to these incredible people. Others, such as Pret and Carluccio’s have gone even further by offering 50% off food on top of free drinks.

Bearing in mind that Carluccio’s has been struggling financially as of late, so this offer is really testament to their character. It’s a heart-warming gesture that goes far beyond the monetary saving offered to the workers and instead exemplifies the gratitude of the nation’s High Street chains for our much-loved workers on the front line.

Thank you to all brands showing love and, most importantly, thank you to the workers keeping us safe.

Arsenal take their fans back in time

After the FA announced that it would be postponing all matches until April 3rd, Arsenal have come up with a novel way to keep their loyal fans entertained and satisfied.

Each Wednesday, the Premier League football club will be streaming some of their most exciting matches in recent history and live tweeting them, as if they were happening in real time. This includes pre-match build up, team news speculation and live score updates – giving fans the full 360 experience.

The Gunners’ supporters have well and truly got behind this new initiative, interacting with the clubs official Twitter account as the match progressed; with fan blogs and reporting sites like OptaSports getting in on the action too.

The first match in the series was a dramatic 4-3 victory over Leicester City from back in 2017, when the Gooners came back from behind to clinch a dramatic win.

Although an amusing, light relief for Gooners, one demographic who definitely won’t be tuning in are Tottenham fans.

Free Porn for Italians

Yes, you read that correctly…

Companies across all sectors have all been doing their bit to help out however they can during the coronavirus crisis, with the adult entertainment industry included.

In reaction to the worsening situation in Italy, adult video website PornHub have announced that they will be donating all of their March proceeds to the fight against COVID-19 in Italy. They also offered all Italians free premium memberships on their site valid until April 3rd; being cooped up indoors under lock down means that there’ll no doubt be a lot of Italians looking to let off some steam.

PornHub went on to announce that the earnings of their models would not be affected by this. In a time where many workers face economic uncertainty, this is sure to release the load for a few.

Netflix and Chill Is Business As Usual

As social distancing precautions are ramped up throughout the country, more and more people are coming to terms with the fact that sitting at home all day is not all it’s been made out to be! Turns out we are social creatures after all and a bit of company is needed every once in a while.

Netflix has sought to help alleviate the problem with the introduction of a new feature: Netflix Party. Netflix Party allows users to share a link with their also isolated friends and sync up shows and movies as if they were watching the exact same screen. Complete with sidebar chat room, it is really almost as if you’re right there with them.

In seriousness, the feature has been greatly received on social media, and even has some tutorial videos circulating on TikTok. In a difficult time for many, it is warming to see gestures like these that look to help those who need it most.

Instagram and WHO Partner Up With Influencers to Convey Messages

In an attempt to control the spread of misinformation across social media, Instagram has partnered up with the World Health Organisation to elicit help out of some of the most influential voices on the platform. Both Seth, @dudewithsign and legendary meme account @mytherapistsay have shared messages with their millions of followers about the dangers of coronavirus, and what to do to help combat it by raising awareness of prevention methods.

This isn’t the first stint the WHO has had with social media, coming not long after the creation of their TikTok account and the educational content they’re posting there. As well as the increased activity on their personal Instagram account, the organisation has clearly identified social media as a means to spread messages to the masses and hasso far done an amazing job of educating the public throughout this pandemic.

Facebook Sets Up Grant to Help Smaller Business

To help ease the burden heaved on smaller business as a result of COVID-19, Facebook has created a grant program in which they are pledging $100m total to help 30,000 businesses across 30 countries through this tough time.

In addition to these grants, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg states that Facebook is exploring a range of other options to help businesses stay afloat amidst the outbreak and the many challenges that will inevitably arise.

Some of these alternative options include: launching a new resource hub to allow businesses to access the relevant tools and advice in these new conditions as well as looking to host online training sessions with businesses all over the world. It’s a promising example of bigger companies giving back to the community and although Facebook has come under some scrutiny for pledging $100m of their $71b 2019 revenue, those who receive help will be more than grateful and hopefully this will inspire others to follow suit.

Influencer of the Week: Kevin Bacon – #IStayHomeFor

Kevin Bacon has long been a key figure when discussing the six degrees of separation concept. Expanding on the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” phenomena in the acting world, he has started a new initiative on social media in an attempt to get more people to self-isolate and look out for others.

He’s devised the IStayHomeFor hashtag, in which he encourages all to stay indoors to help slow the spread of the coronavirus and save lives in the process and dedicated his isolation to long-time partner, Kyra Sedgwick. He challenged his followers to tag 6 friends they’re all staying home for, using the #IStayHomeFor. With any luck (and some science) he and his followers will manage to get the message through to many and hopefully inspire others to think before making any irresponsible decisions. Elton John was the next high profile to share the message and new accounts are constantly sharing.