The Week KFC ‘Hacked’ Spotify

Lewis Pugh Took To The Ocean (Again)

Lewis Pugh, UN Patron for the Oceans, has completed his most challenging and dangerous swim to date.

Lewis completed the world’s first swim underneath the Antarctic ice sheet along a sub-glacial river, in order to raise awareness for the climate emergency and to call for the creation of a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around Antarctica. Despite the extreme conditions of East Antarctica which meant that water temperatures were just above 0°C, Lewis completed the 1km feat in 10 minutes and 17 seconds.

Following his swim, Lewis travelled the globe to meet with key political leaders for discussions in order to set up a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around Antarctica.

Frank secured hundreds of pieces of coverage across national, consumer, regional, and broadcast media securing hits on The Times, BBC News, ITV News, The Independent and The Times, just to name a few, not to mention Lewis’s appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Well done Lewis.

KFC Hacks Spotify

To promote its new Kentucky Burger, KFC Arabia, rather controversially, launched a Spotify ‘Hack’ in one of its latest campaigns.

Working with three top artists, the fried chicken giant managed to engineer a rather sneaky takeover of the platform, by replacing album covers, artists profile pages and bios with ads to promote the new burger, and even altered song titles and playlists to spell out “Discover, New, Kentucky, Burger, Come and Visit, KFC, Get It, Before It’s Too Late.”

The so called ‘hack’ has ruffled quite a few feathers – with critics claiming that by hijacking an ad-free service, and one in which users pay for the privilege of not being subjected to ads, the stunt is a just a plain misuse of the platform and one which goes against Spotify’s brand promise.

Budweiser Super Bowl Spot: ‘Typical American’

Budweiser’s ‘Typical American’ advertisement during the Super Bowl this year sought to challenge viewers to see things in a different light….

Turning the label of ‘Typical American’ on its head, the commercial contrasts negative American stereotypes with the extraordinary acts of ordinary people, represented by firefighters, charity workers, and everyday Americans, who showcase acts of bravery and kindness in their everyday lives.

In arguably one of the best commercials of the Super Bowl 2020, the beer giant brought a touch of heart-warming patriotism to promoting its “typical American beer”.

Snickers To The Rescue For Stressed Out Students 

‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ right? This phrase rings very true during exam season, which is why Snickers has released a limited-edition Exam Bar for stressed out and tired students – because when you’re stressed, you don’t want to be hungry too, right?

In line with its typical tounge-in-cheek sense of humour, Snickers is urging students to beat the exam blues with motivation messages on the new bars, including “Do Well”, “Rock on” and “Shine On”, providing a much needed pick-me-up from exam stress.

So, have a Snickers, relax, and ace your exams.

Competition Isn’t So Byte-Sized Anymore

A new competitor on the video sharing platform scene has emerged this week. New app, Byte, is drawing a lot of comparisons to the now defunct Vine. The app allows users to upload 6 second looping videos and garnered 1.3m downloads in its first week – almost double the numbers Vine amassed in 2013. Numbers not to be sniffed at, especially considering where TikTok is today and how far it has come despite only amassing around 9,000 downloads in its first month! We’re interested to see whether it’s all bark and no Byte in the near future.

Tik Tok Imitates Instagram

TikTok has introduced a new profile page format, in theory to allow for easier, more fluid collaboration with brands and influencers. The newly proposed profile pages, however, look almost identical to the format of Instagram profiles. Perhaps this will work to increase familiarity on the platform making people stay longer, or work against them as users fail to find reasons to use an app that appears so similar to Instagram – particularly as more and more users are sharing their TikToks across Instagram too. Either way, the move is impactful in that it allows users to be more distinguishable on a platform where a lot of content can get drowned out – this is sure to make the platform all the more appealing to brands as they can begin to make their presence more strongly felt.

Try It On With Pinterest

Pinterest has implemented new AR technologies within its mobile app debuting a new feature: Try On. Powered by its ‘Lens’ visual search tool, it is allowing users to test (or try on) cosmetic products, lipstick in particular. Pinterest also stated that it’splanning to add more categories soon. What these categories will be remains to be seen but other make up products as well as clothing and accessories seem to be on the cards if other technologies are anything to go by. Virtual closets are well and truly on the way!

Spotted: Influencers in the Wild

We’ve all seen it, some of us are guilty of doing it and viral sensation @InfluencersintheWild has created an account dedicated to exposing us all. Influencers in the Wild posts the most shocking and hilarious examples of content creator culture gone mad. The page’s community send in images and video of influencers, and us normal folk alike, doing their absolute most to get the perfect shot for the ‘Gram. Iconic posts include influencers climbing trees and even standing in front of oncoming traffic. It’s definitely worth a follow but be warned, you don’t want to end up on the grid!