From Santa Banter to Seasonal Spoofs.

Poundland Partake In A Spot Of Santa Banter 

As last year’s ‘naughty elf’ Elfie clearly demonstrated, Poundland aren’t afraid to make their audience squirm at Christmas. This week – it’s no different.

The latest festive offering certainly toes the line of good taste, using a risqué joke to promote Cadbury’s Chocolate fingers. The Twitter post, which has since been deleted, shows a woman over a box of Chocolate fingers with the caption: “For a friend who loves a good finger”. 

Over the course of the last week, the bold strategy has certainly divided opinion in both traditional and social media, garnering a good mixture of outrage and hilarity online. Whatever the reasoning behind the post, the all-female social media team have certainly made a seasonal splash in time for Christmas.

High Speed Delivery

Deliveroo’s Christmas advert has dropped for 2019, and it’s a touching tribute to midwives across the UK.

Naming themselves as the ‘second best’ delivery service in the country, Deliveroo has released a 90 second film centred around Katy, a midwife at University College London Hospital (UCLH).

The footage perfectly captures the difficult, diverse and essential tasks that midwives perform over the course of a single shift, from the delivery itself to working with mothers in all stages of pregnancy.

The advert also highlights the brand’s pledge to make a donation with each and every order in December. Additionally, customers can donate directly to UCLH via the Deliveroo site, found here.

Basel Banana Bandwagon 

Last week, performance artist David Datuna ate a piece of art worth over $120,000. To be fair to him, the art in question was a fresh banana duct taped to a wall.

Since then, brands have been competing for the Talkability crown, posing images of a wide variety of products in the style of the Art Basel Banana.

So far, Burger King have strapped a french fry to a wall and sold it for a single Euro. Bobbi Brown have taken the chance to show off their ‘Crushed Lip Colour’ (‘turns your lips into a work of art’). Perrier have taped up their ‘priceless’ bottle and Popeye’s Chicken have launched their masterpiece: The Sandwich, worth $120,003.99.

As the banana buzz continues, watch this space for more shocking faux artwork.

Influencer Jailed Over Domain Name Dispute

Influencer Rossi Lorathio Adams II, known across social media as State Snaps, ran a series of major accounts on Instagram and other platforms, one of which amassed a massive 1.5 million followers.

Adams wanted to claim ownership of the internet domain ‘’ as he frequently used this as a hashtag and it the phrase became his personal slogan. However, the domain owner Ethan Deyo had no intention of selling it, even after Adams tried multiple times to purchase.

Adams began intimidating Deyo until eventually the dispute reached its climax with Adams hiring his cousin to break into Deyo’s home and threaten him at gunpoint.

This week, Adams was sentenced to 14 years in prison for plotting the violent scheme, while his cousin has been sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

Facebook Groups Hijacked by Political Tirades

This month’s General Election has brought with it a growing trend of usually mundane local Facebook groups, originally set up to discuss issues such as bin collection and local goings on, groups have been taken over by political trolls who are using them to vent their, often extreme, ideologies.

Many in these groups have noted that a lot of the political debates have turned nasty with commenters ‘trolling’ those who have shared and expressed their personal views.

While these social media based political debates may just be a modern outlet for the kinds of discussions communities used to have gathered in the local town hall, it’s certainly been difficult for those who use the groups to keep on top of village life and instead are subjected to intense political rants.

Snapchat Tests Cameo Mode

Snapchat has begun live tests for its new feature, ‘Cameo’ mode, allowing users to insert their face into GIFs, letting people leave their own mark on their favourite GIFs and short videos.The feature is currently being tested among select users in France, with a view to roll it out for all ahead of Christmas. Yay.The new mode marks a continued commitment from Snapchat to stay in tune with their audience and deliver concepts that continue to go viral. Snapchat’s founder, Evan Spiegel,  will certainly be hoping that ‘Cameo’ mode will replicate the success of their previous hits


Greta Thunberg

Just this week, Greta was named TIME magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ – previous recipients of this prestigious title include Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and the woman who launched the #MeToo Movement.

Greta has been one of the world’s most vocal forces for change this year as she has tirelessly campaigned for environmental reform. With 8.6 million followers on Instagram alone, it’s clear to see the power of her voice.