Team Burger King Have Only Gone And Nailed It Again.

I Think We Can All Agree That This Is Going To Be A Whopper® Of An Election

This week, Burger King served up an epic election stunt, which quickly became an internet sensation.

With just six days to go until the General Election, a big Whopper® appeared on the side of a bus outside the Palace of Westminster – but this time it was not promoting a party campaign….

Well-known for its flame-grilled goodness and size, the Whopper® on the side of this Red Routemaster bus was one you could trust. And as the original Home of the Whopper®, if anyone has the right to put Whoppers® on the side of a bus, it’s Burger King, so fair play.

The stunt received a whopper reaction in the media and was highly praised for its tongue-in-cheek humour and timing on social media; with Tweeters, including some famous names, even joking that they wanted to vote for Burger King as Prime Minister! They’ve definitely got our vote.

What’s Better Than Festive Spirit? Community Spirit! 

Co-op’s new Christmas advert not only embraces the essence of the festive season, but also celebrates everything that the Co-op stands for as a company all year round.

We are provided with an insight into a family home, where a woman comes back from her shift with mince pies which her and her partner enjoy together with their daughter.

Playing in the background is the community group BTM Brass Band’s rendition of Christmas classic, ‘Fairytale of New York’.

The advert’s message ‘aims to show touching moments between families and the central role food plays, while communicating every time a Co-op product is bought, thousands of community groups receive funding’. Thus far, Co-op have helped to fund over 4,000 community groups with a £17 million hand-out.

LEGO’s Most Recent Campaign Is Out Of This World, Literally

For the past 40 years, LEGO has designed an assortment of space-themed toys. However, this year, it decided to push the boundaries further than ever before. To celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, it launched its own City Lunar Space Station… to space.

In order to pull off this stunt, the company reportedly created a 3D-printed rig fitted in a balloon, which then floated 33,000 ft above with the City Lunar Space Station in space.

LEGO captured this iconic moment on its Instagram page, igniting the nostalgic child inside us all.

Amazon’s Alexa has collaborated with Robert Downey Jr in order to celebrate Giving Tuesday and encourage its customers to give to a child in need this festive season.All they have to say is “Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots” and they will be presented with an appropriately priced item to send directly to the charity.

During the ad, the stars of the Universal Pictures film Dolittle show how to donate through Alexa; the whole process takes less than 60 seconds and is an easy and effective way for as many people as possible to donate.

Those that donate receive a special thank you from Dolittle star Craig Robinson and Amazon matches donations toy for toy, meaning thousands of children will receive an unexpected gift this Christmas.

TikTok Under Fire Again

TikTok has faced backlash yet again after US Senator, Marsha Blackburn critiqued the platform for allowing children as young as 13 to use the app’s functionality of sending and receiving ‘gifts’ which can be exchanged for cash.

Senator Blackburn highlighted the moral questionability of this, which has prompted TikTok’s chief, Alex Zhu, to explain that TikTok will be making changes to the platform ensuring that users under-18 are prevented from making these kind of purchases again.

Google Photos Goes Social

Google Photos has finally upped its game by introducing a new in-app feature – users will now be able to share a single photo with their friends using the platform’s messaging service. Previously, in order to share photos, users had to go through the laborious process of setting up a shared album.

The new system is much quicker and easier and this feature will likely be all the more popular as Facebook just announced that it will allow users to transfer their photos and videos direct from Facebook to Google Photos.


Snapchat Releases Auto-Marketing Guide

Statistics show that 80% of millennials are planning to buy a car in the next five years – this makes them a prime market for car retailers to target their advertising efforts towards.

Playing on this, Snapchat has released a handy guide for automobile-brands on how best to use the platform to sell cars.

It’s interesting to see Snapchat capitalising social media advertising in this way.


Josh Cuthbert

Josh shot to fame in 2011 as an original member of X Factor boy band Union J. Since then, he has appeared on Celebrity Masterchef and become an influencer in his own right amassing a following of almost half a million.

We loved working with Josh on our recent Diet Coke campaigns, where he posted fun images of himself enjoying his favourite drink, and can’t wait to work with him again in the future.