The week Huawei took over the wedding scene.

Huawei challenge professional photographer to capture wedding using only a P30 Pro

This week, Frank worked with Huawei and a real life bridegroom, to have their wedding captured with only a Huawei smartphone.

Holly and James, 26 and 34 were married on the 16th November in the Lake District and ditched their professional photographer, leaving snaps of the day in the hands of Ian Weldon. Huawei challenged the documentary photographer who is dubbed “the coolest wedding photographer in the world”, to photograph the wedding using only a Huawei P30 Pro.

Frank went out with the story to media this week, achieving coverage in national publications including The Sun, The Mirror, Mail Online, and Metro, among other lifestyle, tech and regional press.

LEGO Mocks Tesla’s Cybertruck With Its Own Shatterproof Version 

This week Tesla debuted the first ever Cybertruck in Los Angeles. After talk of the much anticipated “indestructible” windows, the pressure was on Franz Von Holzhausen, as he took a sledge hammer to the truck’s so-called shatter proof exterior. What happened next was not scripted, nor expected, as the sledge hammer shattered the base of the window. Oops.

It didn’t take long for the design geniuses at Lego to cotton on to this indestructible trend. Taking to Facebook to announce a truly ground-breaking miniature, Lego version of the Cybertruck, Lego also guaranteed that its version is actually shatterproof.

Many took to social media to claim that if you have ever accidentally stood barefoot on one of Lego’s rudimentary bricks, you would also agree that they are indeed, shatterproof. Whilst Lego may not have disrupted the electric-car industry this time, it was a bold move which has really paid off.

Yoda, Darth Vader and More Get Immortalised in New Star Wars x Adidas Pack

Adidas has just announced its Star Wars-themed shoe pack with 6 pairs of space inspired trainers, as an ode to everyone’s favourite Star Wars characters.

Hot on the heels of a lightsaber-inspired Adidas Basketball pack and a spacecraft-centric Adidas Running Capsule, this is the third and final Adidas x Star Wars pack to release before The Rise of Skywalker hits theatres in December.

Brands have been pulling at our heart strings while they have been pairing up with much loved brands. Does anyone remember the Puma X Barbie sneaker drop that happened earlier this year? Or the Reebok x Toy Story commemorating Buzz Lightyear and Woody in celebration of Toy Story 4? The footwear industry has been evolving and gone are the days of the humble trainers.

TikTok Supports UN Women in Ending Violence in India

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform that has quickly gained a fairly negative reputation, with claims against it including theories that it may be seeding information to the Chinese government and failing to safeguard its younger users.

In a bold move, the platform has set out to show that it can be a force for good. TikTok has begun a rap challenge, in partnership with UN women, where users can participate by hashtagging #KaunsiBadiBaatHai and using orange in the video in any way they see fit. The intention of this is to raise awareness of the prolific violent crimes against women in India. It will run until 10th December, culminating on International Human Rights Day.


New Twitter Trend Encourages People to Register to Vote

Leading up to last Tuesday’s deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming election, we spotted a new trend taking flight on Twitter. Users were cat-fished into clicking on a hidden register-to-vote link with clickbait tweets such as, ‘Beyonce and Jay-Z file for divorce’ or ‘Twitter has confirmed an ‘edit Tweet’ feature’.

This was a humorous and creative way to direct traffic to the voter registration page and may be responsible for the dramatic increase in young voters registering. Click the hyperlink above for a hilarious example!

In-App Tweet Scheduling?

Every community manager’s dream tool may soon become a reality as Twitter has begun testing out an in-app Tweet composer.

This would tackle the issue faced by many users of having to schedule Tweets using TweetDeck or other, third-party, tools. If Twitter’s tests are successful, this new feature would be a real game changer, both saving time and making the process of Tweet-scheduling more simple.

Influencer of the Decade – Kim Kardashian

Happy Birthday, Instagram! Social media’s mega-platform Instagram celebrates its 10th birthday this year and as the decade comes to a close, many in the social media industry are looking into the app’s impact.

One thing that is undeniable is the reign of Kim Kardashian. She is one of the most-followed people, with an audience of 152 million, and has been responsible for some of the channel’s biggest trends over the past ten years that have seemingly made their way into popular culture. Let’s face it, without Kim K, would we even have flower walls, squat bums and contoured cheekbones?!