The Week That John Lewis (and Waitrose) Kicked Off Christmas 

London Lights Brings It Home, AGAIN! 

London Lights really is the gift that keeps giving, as Frank picked up a Highly Commended in the Consumer Technology Award category at the PRCA Awards this week for the campaign!

London Lights happened back in April, where we created the Northern Lights over the Tower of London to show off the amazing photography capabilities of the Huawei P30 Pro handset.

Another trophy in the cabinet to remind us of that beautiful winter’s night!

John Lewis And Waitrose Kicked Off Christmas And Other Brands Love It Too

It was the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the John Lewis Christmas advert was finally revealed this week! The advert now comes from both John Lewis and Waitrose, which means more Christmas fun for us.

We’re loving Edgar the Exciteable Dragon and his pal in the advert which sees them both bring some Christmas cheer to their village, to the sound of Bastille’s Dan Smith covering ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by REO Speedwagon.

But John Lewis and Waitrose are also interacting with other brands on Twitter, giving us the content we need at the moment! Frank client, Burger King supported Edgar, as they’ve always know flame-grilling tastes better, even getting Edgar down to BK!

Aldi also got in on the action, asking about the welfare of what is seemingly Kevin the Carrot in the John Lewis and Waitrose advert, and both brands replied saying that Kevin is safe and sound. We couldn’t console ourselves at the possibility of losing Kevin!

All in all, brands are having some festive fun and we’ll be loving Edgar, Kevin and everything festive and flame-grilled until well past December 25th!

Extinction Rebellion have pulled some pretty brave stunts in the last year or so, but they’ve quite literally pushed the boat out with this one.

The activist group floated a ‘sinking house’ looking like a classic suburban house along the River Thames this week to draw attention to rising sea levels.

An attention-grabbing stunt for all the right reasons, well-played Extinction Rebellion!

Nike Lead The Way In Inclusivity

Nike continue to impress us with their fun, but meaningful stunts and we are loving the latest iteration of this!

They have refurbished a running track in LA to create an LGBT+ rainbow – advocating equality and inclusivity of LGBT+ athletes. The track is dedicated to Gilbert Baker who (fun fact) designed the rainbow flag.

Nike are helping everyone quite literally run with Pride!

Facebook and Instagram are now taking down comments that include suggestive emojis such as the aubergine, peach and water droplets. According to Facebook’s new Community Standards, these emojis are “contextually specific and commonly used sexual emojis.” The platforms will flag users requesting for or putting up content “implicitly or indirectly” linked to sex, nudity, or sexting. The company confirmed, though, that it will not be “taking action on simply the emojis.”

Instagram’s new editing tool ‘Reels’, have been released in Brazil and are available on both iOS and Android devices. Reels allows users to record 15-second videos, adjust the speed, set them to music, or borrow audio from other videos… Sound familiar? The features are in fact similar to the “duet” feature available via TikTok. Users can share videos by putting them on their stories, sending via DMs, or posting them Instagram’s ‘Top Reels’ tab in Explore.This is the second attempt Facebook has made to adapt its platforms to challenge the fast growing TikTok network, the first being Lasso (Facebook’s TikTok equivalent), but it struggled to build a user-base from scratch leading to limited use. The tech giant has previously had success adapting its platform features to mimic competitors, in 2016 it had great success with copying Snapchat’s signal Stories. So, with TikTok facing troubling times ahead, only time will tell if Facebook’s latest venture will be the success they’re hoping for.


Facebook Will Implement Limits on How many Ads a Page can run in 2020

This week Facebook announced that it will be putting limits on the number of ads each page can run at the same time: however, this will only impact a small percentage of advertisers. Whilst Facebook are yet to announce the limitations, what we do know is that marketers will be able to monitor the ad volume of their pages via the new Ad Volume API, and further API updates include the removal of several video ad metrics as well as changes to the messaging option for businesses. But there’s still more updates to come as we kick off 2020, so stay tuned…

Facebook’s reasoning behind this move is that too many ads lead to worse overall ad performance. Which could, eventually, reduce overall ad spend especially if big advertisers start to complain about Facebook ad results.

Snap Spectacles 3 review: Reaching new depths

Three years ago this week, the first-generation Spectacles were released with much excitement and anticipation. However, early buzz around the over hyped product meant that the company made a huge surplus and we’re forced to write down a near $40 million loss… Now three years on and with hopeful optimism the Snapchat team have launched a new generation of Spectacles, Spectacles 3. costing $380 – over $200 more than the first generation.

The new generation are a step up from the predecessors with a shiny new design and plenty of new features including, new effects via a second camera and a 3D viewer. But there are a few hang ups, the launch filters are underwhelming and it takes too long to get snaps from glasses to phone. And priced at a whopping $380 we have to ask are these specs really going to go the mile or will they be falling short again?

Hayden Williams 

Artist Hayden has recently landed the mother of all influencer deals – a collaboration with Missguided. An artistic collection featuring Bratz Doll-style silhouettes, this marks Hayden breaking into the mainstream. Also first for Missguided, who normally work with more typical ‘lifestyle’ influencers to promote their campaigns and have a hand in designing the range. Hayden’s capsule collection is clearly emblematic of his designs and personal touch, which may lead to it being a hit with consumers. Hayden has over one million followers, and is known for his artistic rendering of celebrities, fashionistas and designers.