The Week That FACEBOOK Changed Its Branding

Facebook Changes Product Branding to FACEBOOK

Facebook is introducing new branding for its products and services to distinguish the company from its website and apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Although the main Facebook app and website will retain its familiar blue branding, its apps are among the services that will carry the new FACEBOOK brand in the next few weeks.

But why FACEBOOK? The upper-case logo proves the company’s worthiness. According to an official blog post, it has been designed with “clarity and openness” in mind, with “harmonised capital letters”.

Facebook said ‘this brand change is a way to better communicate our ownership structure to the people and businesses who use our service to connect, share, build community and grow their audience.’


Looking very different from the usual social media influencers who sports a bright smile and toned body, B has an unshaven, hairy body and full torso. This hasn’t stopped her from chasing her dreams and using her voice for a cause, and in turn, becoming everyone’s favourite influencer.

The photogenic bee is the brainchild of the Foundation de France, which has founded a BEE FUND to finance the “most fundamental and urgent” actions required to protect all species of bees, including rebuilding habitats, raising awareness and converting farmers to pollinator-friendly techniques.

LEGO Launches Wooden Customisable Figurine

Lego had unveiled a customisable, wooden version of their iconic mini-figure.

Lego is renowned for its normal-sized plastic mini-figures, but this giant wooden exclusive inspires creativity by allowing you to paint and dress it with other materials, or even carve away at the wood. The mini-figure does have plastic hands though, so it can interact with normal Lego and hold things, so super fans can get the best of both worlds.

Although the new collectable is only available to Lego VIPs, you can become one of those by signing up for free on their website.

Retailing at around $412 the device is obviously pre-loaded with Douyin AKA TikTok’s and features some high end specs. Our favourite, the 20mplx selfie camera, for that perfect shot.

Unfortunately for us the phone will only be available in China, with no plans to market in the US/UK. But it’s interesting the social first company has finally managed to launch a competent phone. Something that the likes of Facebook and Amazon have tried, but failed to achieve. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a race for Silicon Valley’s first functioning phone following this news…


If you’re looking to give your Instagram stories an extra boost, then you’re in luck. This week Instagram published a brand new set of tips on how to make the most of the format. The tips cover a range of creative ideas that brands can leverage, including sharing customer testimonials and featuring your product or services. Pretty simple right.

Check out Instagram’s full post; worth a look if you’re interested in creating impactful stories on Instagram.

Netflix and Seth Meyers Teamed Up To Create A Button That Lets People Skip Trump Jokes

A dynamic duo, this week saw the announcement of Seth Meyers teaming up with tech giant Netflix to create a button allowing people to skip Trump jokes…

For the launch of Meyers new show Lobby Baby – where he will undoubtedly make a LOT of jokes involving the US President – the streaming service have introduced a skippable in-show button. The tech allows entire segments of the show to be bypassed by viewers (if they feel that way inclined).

Whilst Meyers fans are highly unlikely to skip the Trump jokes, this has earned him a lot of Talkability® across the week.

Clementine Cuthbertson

Taking part in Diet Coke’s Festive Clementine campaign, Clemmie Cuthbertson is an influencer to watch. As well as a bottle of Diet Coke to her name, Clementine has a social following of 14.7k and is a self-proclaimed beauty fanatic. The lifestyle blogger creates some great aesthetic content and has secured various brand deals, in her short time as an influencer. With a fast-growing following, we can’t wait to see what Clemmie does next!