The Week That Bahia Did Some Slick Awareness Campaigning

A Slick Awareness Campaign For a Good Cause

Bahia Football Club, a club based in Salvador, Brazil, recently politicised the sport with a unique, eye-catching kit featuring black oil spills over its usual red and blue colours. This was done to draw public, and government, attention to the mysterious appearance of the thick oil plaguing 2,200km of Brazilian coastline recently; which the government has been criticised for due to their lack of acknowledgement or response.

A few days after the kit was teased, on the match day the kit was actually worn, the Brazilian Government sent 5,000 troops to the coastline to assist in the clean-up of the oil. The timing of the response was more likely due to the attention-grabbing stunt, rather than coincidence, with the stunt showing how bringing politics into sport, when absolutely necessary, can be exceptionally effective.

The Coldplay School on Old-School Promotion

An album cover using an edited picture of your grandpa’s band, promotional postcards to 500 fans and track list announcements in the classified ads section of your local papers may sound like an archaic way to promote an album; but that’s the point. As everyone has gone left and poured millions into digital marketing, influencers and worldwide PR campaigns, Coldplay decided to go right – and it worked.

Their old-school album rollout was cost-effective, played into the current trend of nostalgia marketing and was a refreshing rollout that grabbed more headlines than the typical big-name rollout of today. That’s quite a few birds with one stone and is a great example of the smart use of Talkability® tactics trumping tired comms.

It’s a Lidl Dark in Here…

Something which is sure to spook the phony wine connoisseur, who bases their “knowledge” and appreciation of a wine on pretty bottle design or it coming from an eighteenth-century vineyard, is Lidl’s Chateaux Noir. 

Based on insights from research, which found that many people prejudge the wine they’re about to drink by looking at the design rather than the taste, Lidl decided to host a pop-up wine tasting in the dark. Tickets sold out in a matter of hours, as customers flocked to the novelty experience and it’s set to tour the UK; to show that books shouldn’t be judged by their covers – and nor should wine.

Facebook and Instagram are now taking down comments that include suggestive emojis such as the eggplant, peach and water droplets. According to Facebook’s new Community Standards, these emojis are “contextually specific and commonly used sexual emojis.” The platforms will flag users requesting for or putting up content “implicitly or indirectly” linked to sex, nudity, or sexting. The company confirmed, though, that it will not be “taking action on simply the emojis.”

The era of political ads is coming to an end. Twitter chief executive officer Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter will ban political ads starting 22nd of November, “A political message earns reach when people decide to follow an account or retweet” Dorsey wrote in a twitter thread. Twitter stance against political ads come just as Facebook is caught in both internal and external drama regarding its policies.

Dorsey acknowledged that the move to ban political ads may favour officials, but noted that “we have witnessed many social movements reach massive scale without any political advertising. I trust this will only grow.” Twitter will share its full policy on 15th of November.

LinkedIn Launched Its First TV Ad Campaign

This is one for all the LinkedIn lovers.

LinkedIn has revealed its first ever UK TV advert featuring real members on the platforms. One LinkedIn member tells the camera  “I’m searching for a job where I’m in charge”. “That shares my values” and “where I can have a lie-in” are other reasons supplied by LinkedIn members, who reveal redundancy pains and difficulties they’ve had in order to get the role they love.

Ngaire Moyes, senior director, brand and communications, at LinkedIn EMEA, commented “What are you searching for? It’s a powerful question, and when we’re talking about jobs the answer is different for everyone which is why sharing the experiences of our real and diverse members is a key part of our advertising strategy. This campaign continues to build on our In It Together brand work that sought to create a new, warmer, more human feel with our members at its heart. We’re excited to shine a light on some of these stories in this latest iteration of the campaign in the UK”

Spotify Launched A Dedicated Kids App For Premium Family Subscribers

Music to your ears. Mums and Dads get ready for your children to become musician of the future.

In move to boost family subscriptions to its app, Spotify this morning announced the launch of a dedicated Kids application which allows children three and above to listen to their own music, both online and offline, as well as explore playlist and recommendations by experts. The music selection is also filtered so songs won’t have explicit content.
The launch is a first in the online music streaming space, where kids on parents’ music plans typically sign in through the same app — just with a different login. But Spotify believes children deserve their own space, where the music they listen to is available in an ad-free environment, where they won’t accidentally encounter lyrics that parents disapprove of, and where content is hand-curated by editors. The app includes categories like Movies & TV, top hits, Activities (bedtime, homework, playtime, etc.), genres, seasonal, Spotify Originals, artist/groups, and Stories.

Ellis Van Jason

Our influencer of the week is @ellisvanjason – approaching 10k followers, he’s one to look out for and a Frank favourite. A full-time engineer with a passion for photography and mountaineering, Ellis’ travels take him all over the world. He’s also an accomplished videographer as well as drone pilot – all this makes for some outstanding content! With a collaboration for Suspicious Antwerp under his belt, he’s definitely on our radar: we can’t wait to see what he does next.

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