The Week That Frank Announced a Paw-some Win

Nickelodeon Chooses Frank to Help Launch Big Base Camp

We’re proud to announce that Frank has been chosen by Nickelodeon to launch Big Base Camp – an epic family adventure that will take place at a secret venue next Easter!

The team will be reconnecting with their childhood to create a truly immersive family adventure that allows kids to be part of the show as they get stuck in and explore five different worlds – allowing them to gain new skills and face fun challenges. Watch this space!

Guinness Share the Pain With Their Fans

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Guinness decided to make light of Ireland’s shocking defeat against the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final last weekend with an iconic tweet.

They took to the social media platform to urge fans to opt for a pint of Carlsberg instead, being ‘officially done’ with the colour black following the loss and subsequently being knocked out of the tournament by New Zealand.

Fans were quick to praise Guinness for the witty move with more than 4,000 retweets and 16,000 likes in less than 20 hours, labelling the tweet as ‘epic Irishness at its best’.  A great move from a brand that truly understands it’s audience.

Everyone’s favourite doll is having a career change as this week Barbie announced her collaboration with National Geographic, launching a new photojournalist doll designed to help nurture imagination, expression and discovery.

Barbie has ditched the pink frilly dresses and high heels for tan boots, brown trousers and a DSLR camera, complete with a mini National Geographic magazine for her adventures.

Photojournalist Barbie is just one of a number of new career dolls created in partnership with National Geographic, with other professions including an entomologist, wildlife conservationist, astrophysicist, marine biologist, and more.

Why Miller Lite Wants You To Unfollow Its Social Media Account

Who doesn’t like free beer? Miller Lite are giving free beers away to people who unfollow their social media.

Miller Lite are “going dark” and taking a break from posting on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms, to further encourage fans to embrace in- person Miller Time with friends. Influencers have also been brought on board to amplify the new campaign by encouraging and inspiring Miller Timer amongst friends.

Vice President says, “we understand its risky for a brand today to say that we want you to unfollow us on social media”, following this he said “but we value those in-person connections and are committed to inspiring people to do the same, even if it means losing a few followers along the way.”

Just text UNFOLLOW to 49375 with a photo and screenshot to prove you are unfollowing the brand. Then you will receive your free beer to share with your friends.

What Facebook’s Changes To Organic Page Impressions & Grey Verified Badges Means For Your Business

Bad news, social media managers …

Facebook is changing how it calculates organic impressions meaning it will likely show a decline. When they were first unveiled in 2007, Pages were described by Mark Zuckerberg as “a completely new way of advertising online.” Now a decade later Facebook are looking to bring in two important changes that will change the overall presentation and how organic impressions are calculated and reported.

This definitely wasn’t the news that you were expecting. The reason behind the move is to bring the way it filters repeat organic page impressions more in-line with the methodology it already uses for ads. Ultimately, Facebook is looking to reduce the duplicate metrics derived from the same individual continually revisiting your page and posts and, in turn, more accurately represent the physical number of people that engage in your content.

What’s happening to the grey verified badges? They were meant to help authenticate that the page belonged to and would be managed by a member of the company. According to the social media company touts these checkmarks caused more confusion than they were helpful.

“We are unable to prove any estimated for how this update may affect your page, if at all. Fluctuations in impressions for Facebook pages and posts continue to be normal, as impression counts can be influenced by many factors.” Time will tell how your stats will be ultimately affected by this.

Snapchat Beats In Q3, Adding 7M Users & Revenue Up 50%

Who doesn’t have snapchat in the 21st century? Snapchat blew past its earnings expectation for a big beat in Q3, adding 7 million daily active users this quarter to hit 210 million users. Snapchat also beat on revenue, notching $446 million, which is up a whopping 50 % year over year. Combined with a continuation of cutting losses the social media giant is edging towards profitability.

Although Snapchat is doing well there is a lot of competition out there that can have a massive impact and consumers are fickle. Tik Tok continues to go from strength to strength growing its music audience in particular and Instagram’s introduction of stories is what led Snapchat to start shrinking in user count a year ago before it recovered.

CEO Evan Spiegel says that Snapchat share prices should be higher. The reason they aren’t is because of the high cost of Snapchats growth relative average revenue per user. 5 out of the 7 million new users came from the rest of the world, that’s in part thanks to better than expected growth and retention on its re-engineered Android app that’s been hit by India.

The question is can it keep going?

Chloe Lloyd

Chloe Lloyd is a British model with a love for interior design, her 277K followers, fashion and holidaying in luxury places.

Originally from Cheshire, she now lives in a stunning house designed by herself in Surrey with her husband Josh Cuthbert. Chloe has been modelling since the age of 17 and has appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour and many more.

In addition to this account she also has an Instagram page for her real love, interior design, which can be found at @chloelloydhome. Here she shows off her beautiful designs to her fans. We cannot wait to see what’s next for Chloe!!

Frank shows of its hard-work

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