The Week That Frank Took Home A Trophy at The PR Week Awards

Lewis Pugh – The Longest Swim wins Highly Commended at the PR Week Awards 2019

It’s the campaign that keeps on giving and on Tuesday night, Frank took home the Highly Commended Public Affairs award for Lewis Pugh The Longest Swim 🏆🥇

The campaign was curated to raise awareness for Marine Conservation and involved Lewis swimming the whole 330 miles across the Channel – that’s Cornwall to Dover – and the team travelling around the to generate over 600 of pieces of coverage for the cause.

We’re all so proud of the campaign and the meaning behind it so the award win was a big win and in the words of our Editorial Director, Ryan Sketchley “Tuesday night was right up there with the moment he hugged me on Brighton Beach in his speedos.”

Poundland Begins To Sell The Magic

As spooky season sets in and Halloween approaches, Poundland has smashed the whole PR thing by selling free Harry Potter Invisibility Cloaks.

The stunt was used to launch the store’s new Halloween costume range and involved stumping customers by selling the esteemed Wizard’s cloak – a free hanger.

The move by Poundland was fantastic and the results were great. Not to mention, the reactions on Twitter were genius – one customer returned their purchase because it didn’t fit…

This week, global viral video-game, Fortnite, ended its latest season by surprising gamers by literally deleting itself.

On Monday, the fantasy world was sucked into a blackhole and replaced with a black screen and gamers around the world were left totally stumped. While they were all left twiddling their thumbs, people started to speculate when we’ll see the unveiling of Fortnite’s next world and season. The move was pretty genius and was matched with immediate response on social including a global #1 trending Twitter topic.

It’s not all bad news though – Fortnite 2 was officially launched across all platforms today! Gamers rejoice!

YouTube’s New AR Feature Creates a Virtual Makeup Try-On Experience

Have you ever ordered a beauty product online and been disappointed to find the shade doesn’t actually suit you in real life? Well, worry no more as YouTube is expanding the pool of brands who are able to advertise using their augmented reality ‘Beauty Try-On’ format.

YouTube’s AR Try-On ads are displayed via split-screen, with the ad playing on the top, and your phone camera view opening at the bottom. You are then able to see what you might look like wearing the makeup that is being discussed in the video.

You might find yourself frequently coming across these new AR Try-On ads as brands will be able to push their ad to the front page. They will also be able to boost their discovery by featuring the content as masthead ads, which appear above a user’s recommended videos.

MAC Cosmetics is the first partner for this feature. However, as AR tools continue to evolve, you should expect to see more brands following in their footsteps.

Facebook Allows Politicians to Lie in their Ads

The era of fake news is, unfortunately, still going strong; however, it’s now politicians who can be the source of it all. Last week, Facebook said it had changed its advertising policies to exempt politicians from rules regarding misinformation. As a result, the social networking site has allowed for ads with false claims to be approved without fact-checking.

We’re sure you won’t be surprised to hear that President Trump is already making the most of this, as he has spread false information about Joe Biden, as part of his re-election campaign.

Facebook received extreme backlash from this and was also criticised by American politician Elizabeth Warren, as she exposed the platform’s unwillingness to remove misleading or untruthful ads from politicians.

As Facebook has an ad targeting system, it could ultimately make false claims more harmful since it is capable of easily reaching millions of people around the world. It’s quite worrying to think that politicians can easily get away with spreading lies with no consequence, so we hope that this new advertising policy gets reversed soon.

Instagram Tests a New Event ‘Invites’ Sticker for Stories

Instagram may have another sticker to add to the mix as they are reportedly testing out a new ‘Invite’ sticker option. The ‘Invites’ sticker is aimed at facilitating event participation, enabling you to add details of your upcoming event – including title, date and location – to then share to your story.

Viewers are able to RSVP directly through the sticker. This would change the game for brands, helping them to retain followers, as they would be able to share events to them on this platform. They would also be able to create a ‘close friends list’ to invite specially-selected fans to exclusive events.

Don’t worry though, because sometimes you won’t even have to leave your bed to attend one of these swanky events, as live Q&A discussions and webinars will also be available to share with the ‘Invites’ sticker.

There is yet to be an official release date for this new feature, so keep your eyes peeled to make sure you don’t experience major FOMO by missing any events.

Jennifer Aniston

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you will have heard that Hollywood superstar Jennifer Aniston finally made her Instagram debut.

Jennifer almost broke the internet with her entrance to the platform by posting a selfie with her Friends’ co-stars, which has gained over 12 million likes. The actress also now holds the impressive record for having the fastest Instagram account to reach 1 million followers.

We can’t wait to see what else Jennifer posts and whether there will be another Friends photo reunion on the cards!

Frank shows of its hard-work

As a bonus, you can check out all the amazing work Frank has been up to via our 2019 showreel.

The montage includes all of our award-winning work so sit back, grab some popcorn and relax 🛀