The Week That Wagatha Christie Was Born

Brands React To Coleen v Becky

In case you’ve been living under a rock this week, you will have heard about the ultimate WAG showdown between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy over an alleged ongoing leak of stories posted to Colleen’s private Instagram…

Brands came out in full force to react to the scandalous news of the Coleen v Rebekah saga. Here’s our pick of the best brand reactions to the story of the week:

Netflix teased making the epic fallout into a documentary movie, with this tweet.

Innocent Smoothie suggested the only thing juicer than the drama between the two is their bolt from the blue smoothie, with this tweet.

Meanwhile, Penguin Books made sure that the words ‘It’s……. Rebekah Vardy’s account’ will go down in literary and cultural history with this tweet, drawing parallels with some of the most iconic lines in the English speaking world.

Marmite Mind Control

Marmite wants to spread the love – so much so that it is inviting its biggest haters to be hypnotised – yes, hypnotised, into becoming fans of the divisive breakfast spread.
Marmite is on the hunt for the nation’s biggest Marmite haters to apply for a full mind control experience. After being put through a careful online selection process, successful applicants will be invited to London to undertake the experiment. Subject to a hypnosis film, the experiment will find out if the ultimate Marmite haters can be transformed into lovers of the product.

If you’d like to take your first step towards becoming a Marmite lover, or think you could defy hypnosis and stay a hater, apply here:

This week, sportswear Adidas announced the range no-one had asked for – its Horti-couture collection  *double check’s it’s not April 1st *

Taking the street out of street-wear and replacing it with garden, the tounge-in cheek capsule collection, fittingly titled Gardening Club, is a selection of footwear, accessories and apparel which takes its inspiration from lawn-based activities. The range aims to introduce customers to fashion which can easily adapt from the lawn to the streets, for all you avid gardeners/sneaker-wearers out there.

If you’d like to get your hands on this sexy apparel, or don’t know what to get your dad for his birthday, count down the days until it lands in stores globally on October 12th.

Social Media Overtakes Print to Become the Third Largest Ad Channel

Advertisers will spend more on social media than print, expanding their global ad spend to 13% which makes it the third-biggest ad channel for the first time, according to media agency Zenith. Their Advertising Expenditure Forecast estimates that spending on social media will grow by 20% to $84 billion, while newspaper and magazine spending will fall by 6% to $69 billion.

Matt James, Zenith’s Global Brand President, said: “social media advertising gives brands the opportunity to drive growth” as their forecast highlights the transformation that the media landscape is undergoing. The days of viewing advertising on traditional media channels are coming to a halt as consumers are now preferring to spend more time on digital platforms.

In all, more brands are turning to social media advertising as it has the advantage of allowing them to use first-party data from users for ad targeting.

Instagram Removes its ‘Following’ Tab

The days of Insta-stalking your friends’ or crush’s’ likes are now over, as Instagram has confirmed that it’s removing the ‘Following’ tab in the app.

The ‘Following’ tab was launched in 2011 which provided a listing of friend activity, enabling users to see what their connections had gotten up to on the platform. This feature was originally regarded as a way to discover new content, however, Instagram has claimed that few people have actually been using it whilst many may not even be aware that the tab exists.

The removal of this feature comes as Instagram aims to focus on the ‘Explore’ page as the sole way to discover new content and users.

If you still have access to the ‘Following’ tab, be prepared to see its disappearance as Instagram will be removing the tab for all users over the course of this week – so get your last bit nosiness out of your system before it’s too late!

Twitter Admits to Misusing Personal Data for Advertising Purposes

Twitter has yet again come under fire for breaching users’ privacy as the social networking site admitted that they  ‘inadvertently’ used data intended for security purposes to target people with ads.

In a company statement, Twitter said: “When an advertiser uploaded their marketing list, we may have matched people on Twitter to their list based on the email or phone number the Twitter account provided for safety and security reasons.”

Twitter were unable to comment on how many people were impacted, however, they have since apologised for the privacy issue and confirmed that from 17th September they are no longer engaging in such practice.

It’s not the first privacy mishap that Twitter has been at the brunt of, especially after they improperly shared personal data in August, but we’re definitely hoping it will be the last.

Instagram Launches New Private Sharing App “Threads”

Threads is the new kid on the social media block as Instagram have launched their sister app dedicated for sharing content with only your closest friends.Instagram launched Threads to create a private space for interaction and they have done this by adding a feature that updates your friends with automatic statuses based on your location.

Threads has claimed that the app is “private and totally in your control” as users can add or remove anyone from the list without notifying the other users. However, is an app that automatically updates your status and location really promoting privacy or is it something out of a stalker horror film?

After completing their successful trial period, the app has officially been launched this week and is available to download now. So, if you’re not too fussed about your friends knowing when you’re going into town or eating out for the 5th time that week, this is the app for you!

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