The Week That Frank And Atom Gave A Toss 

Most Banks Don’t Give A Toss, Atom Does

This week was an exciting one at Frank HQ – as we launched an advertising campaign for Atom bank, after a competitive pitch which saw us go up against traditional ad agencies.

The challenge was to target millennials and first-time-buyers, and we worked with Modern Toss to create fun, cheeky, straight talking ads that take aim at the whole banking industry and shine a light on bad practice.

The ads have popped up around London and Durham this week, with each one in the series highlighting issues with traditional banks through the funny one-liners, making the campaign into a perfect conversation starter.

Eye catching and laugh out loud hilarious (if we say so ourselves), you’ll be sure to see one of these at a tube station near you!

Can you do it? Yes you can. Camden Brewery is launching a new campaign that is travelling all over the country in the can-for-can van.

Why should the harvest festival only be something done in schools? Camden Brewery don’t think it should be. With its new campaign, the brand is offering anyone a free can of beer when they donate a can of non-perishable food to help stop people going hungry this winter. Free beer and helping others, it really is the best of both worlds!

And let’s face it – who doesn’t love having a cold beer after a long day or week at work?

Artist Hangs 440 Pairs of Shoes to Highlight an Important Cultural Issue

An artist in Turkey has created two eye catching installations, with a simple idea he has managed to showcase something that can’t be ignored any longer.

440 pairs of high heels have been displayed on the walls of two buildings, each pair represents a woman who has died at the hands of domestic abuse, an issue that is often swept under the rug. Representing feminine power and dominance, the heels act as the independence the women who died never got to have.

For sixth months the display will be on show in a location that is open to everyone in an effort to resonate with the locals and hopefully begin to stop the alarming increase in women killed by their partners each year.

With this eye catching and thought-provoking display, surely people will begin to stop, process and react?

Twitter Launched Lists as Alternate, Swipeable Timelines on iOS

Twitter is now rolling out the option of lists to all users on iOS. Users will now be able to pin up to five selected lists from their ‘Lists’ settings and have them appear as swipeable feeds from the home timeline. Users will have more ways to access specific discussions on the platform, which may make it a more engaging, interactive experience. The list function will enable you to keep professional threads and tv shows/music/sports and general chatter to a different feed all together so that you can pick and choose the conversations appearing on your feed. The downside to this is that you do not need to follow an account to add it to a list, so you can see all the content but not follow the account, this will have an impact on outward facing metrics for brands, people and other types of accounts.

Pinterest Announced New Business Profile Format, Shop the Look Collection Ads

Pinterest has added some new features, such as Shop the Look collection ads, along with an updated profile format which enables users to include video as their cover image. The Shop the Look collections is an expansion on the shoppable post format in paid ads. This enables businesses to showcase multiple, buyable items within each Pin. These pins will essentially expand into product catalogs. Advertisers will be able to tag up to 25 items in a Pin image and a preview showcase of four items will be shown along the bottom of the Pin. The addition of these expanded Shop the Look ad options will provide more ways for brands to drive direct purchases from Pinterest, which could help maximise shopping potential among browsing consumers. Business profile formats can also able to use custom images and even video in their header section, they will also include a dedicated ‘shop’ tab and an updated messaging feature for quick customer support and feedback.

Saffron Barker

Saffron is 2019’s Instagram queen! With a crazy 1.3 million followers she is ready to make her debut on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend where she’s set to be one of this series’ favourites.

Saffron’s fun feed shows off her bubbly personality and fun-loving attitude. She has previously worked with brands including Primark who she designed her own range of products for. In addition to this, she has also worked on charity campaigns for the likes of Alzheimer’s Research.

We’re just itching to get working with Saffron here at Frank.