This week Frank has been shortlisted for two PRCA National Awards

PRCA Awards!

We’re off to the PRCA Awards!

This week Frank has been shortlisted for two PRCA National Awards.

The PRCA Awards recognise the talent and impact of campaigns from the best of the UK and International PR Industries. Frank has been recognised for our work with The Lewis Pugh Foundation and Huawei and has been shortlisted for the Purpose Award, Consumer Technology Award, respectively.

Attended by 800+ key players in the world of PR and communications, attending the PRCA National Awards is a great achievement for Frank.

The black-tie ceremony takes place later this year, where we hope to bring home the gold!


Say Goodbye to Food Waste and Hello to ASDA

With food waste being an on-growingissue in the grocery sector, it’s more important now than ever for supermarket giants to create new ways of avoiding it.

ASDA is trialling a new coating technology with the hopes that it will drastically reduce the amount of fresh food ending up in landfill sites. Both ASDA and Apeel Sciences have created a product that is specifically designed to triple the shelf life of fresh food produce at ASDA.

The superhero product, made from plant-derived and water-based products, will act as an invisible shield and will drastically slow down the process of erosion, as well as the amount of pesticides found on the food. Not only does the product fight against food wastage, but it also totally eradicates the need for plastic.

Since the product received the go ahead from the EU regulators back in June, it’s currently being trialled in two UK stores – Glasshoughton in Yorkshire and Chatham in Kent.

A great step-forward in the right direction. High-five Asda 👏


McDonald’s Debunks Fast-Food Myths 

McDonald’s and Leo Burnett London have joined together to launch a new combined campaign named ‘Just Like McDonalds.’ The campaign looks to distance the brand away from its fast food competitors by rivalling high-end restaurants and supermarkets, with the quality of its ingredients.

Two 40-second films accompany the campaign and bring light to the question that asks, how sure can you be that the ingredients you buy elsewhere are of the same high quality of fast food giant, McDonalds? The light-hearted campaign is a new, bold approach for McDonalds, previously having to put right the urban myths attached to their ingredients and the quality of their food.

In one 40-second film we’re shown a lady getting interrupted abruptly whilst eating a McDonald’s 100% British and Irish beef burger. The narrator butts in and poses the question: “How can you be certain other restaurants serve 100% British and Irish beef?” She is then transported into a 5* Michelin star restaurant where she experiences an ‘overly-attentive waiter’, as well as a hefty bill.

This campaign is a brave approach for McDonalds, and shows the brand continuing to disassociate itself with fast-food stereotypes.

A brave and innovative step forward for fast food giant, McDonalds.


Samsung Introduces a Vertical Stage

Samsung just went up in our good books the brand they threw a concert in London that perfectly fits in your vertical camera frame (result!).

We’ve all been there, you’re at your favourite concert and you go to get your phone out and the stage just doesn’t fit in your phones frame, but fear no more, Samsung has the perfect answer. A three-tiered vertical concert stage. Genius.

Chart climber, Mabel, took to the stage in Samsung’s first ever vertical concert. The guestlist for the event consisted of 2,000 lucky viewers who got to witness the 30-feet high stage in all its glory. The concept for the three-tiered stage resulted from research discovering that 94% of smartphone users are now using their devices vertically, and a shocking 79% find vertical videos more interesting.

Big up Samsung for doing it for the gram.

UK's Most Anticipated List

The UK’s Most Anticipated List Unveiled

The Sunday Times released its Top 100 UK influencers this week and, surprisingly, not a single reality star made the list!The list of The Sunday Times 100 top influencers was compiled of a mix of both YouTubers and social media stars.

Take a look at the famous-five that made the top of the list.

Felix Kjellberg,more famously known as PewDiePie, came in at the top of the list. Felix is the king of the gaming world and now has over 100 million subscribers…that’s more people than the population of the United Kingdom!

Olajide William Olatunji,also known as KSI is another YouTube sensation, internet personality, gamer, actor, rapper and would you guess it… professional boxer – KSI can really do it all. With a knock-out seven million subscribers KSI is truly deserving of his 2nd place medal.

Craig Thompson, or MiniLadd, came in at third place. Craig Thompson is also a big name in the gaming world, with over five million dedicated subscribers. Thompson is definitely a name to keep your eye on (both online and in the virtual world of gaming).

Billy Wingroveand Jeremy Lynch creators ofF2Freestylers Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel, scored their way to fourth place, with the help of their 10 million plus subscribers. GOAL!

Saffron Barker. Brighton-based YouTuber recently bagged herself a one-way ticket onto BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. With the help of her two million subscribers can Saffron make it all the way to first place?

Hats off to the top five.

No Trust


No Trust: Ad Revenue’s May Take A Hit from Declining Trust in Social Media

Over the past few years social media scandals have become a familiar feature of our daily news headlines. From Facebook’s misuse of user data, to the proliferation of  government-led antitrust investigations – the current state of affairs is looking somewhat bleak.

The consequence? Unsurprisingly, public trust in social media has faced a rapid decline. Edelman’s Trust Barometer study, reported a steep waning in user confidence, with a mere 41% of users worldwide claiming they trusted social media.

All of this could have a considerable impact on ad revenues, especially as many users are turning away from social media altogether.

In order to re-garner trust and lost viewership, social media platforms will need to make significant improvements to user protection. New technology such as blockchain could present a solution; one that is currently being explored by several of the big names in tech.

Private Account Holders Beware

Private Account Holders Beware – Your Instagram Content May Not Be As Private As You Think!

A security flaw in Facebook and Instagram’s system is allowing users’ private photos to be shared and distributed to non-friends and non-followers.

The simple hack works by extracting the source URL from private stories and feeds, which can then be shared by followers to un-authenticated users. Using this hack, your Instagram stories could be distributed and viewed even after their 24 hour expiry limit!

This comes as another speed bump in Facebook’s pledge to “put privacy first” amid growing user concerns.

Emma Plus Three

Emma Plus Three

Emma aka @emmaplusthree, is a blogger and content creator based in Sheffield. She writes about all things fashion, travel and motherhood.

Who are the “Plus Three” you ask? That would be husband James, and Emma’s two adorable children Max and Evie.

We love Emma’s cool mama vibe and stacks of creative content!  Emma is also currently doing great work with The Book People in their drive to get more kids reading.