The Week That Chessington’s Skunks Came Out To Play

Chessington Skunks

The Chessington Skunks That Made A Stink On This Morning 

What happened when three skunks landed a gig on ITV’s This Morning? Won the hearts of the nation, of course.

Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s zookeeper, Leanne, took baby skunks, Lavender and Cinnamon, with their mother, Storm, to the This Morning studios to meet Phil and Holly to talk all things Chessington. Leanne chatted away about her daily routine at her “dream job” at the zoo whilst Phil and Holly enjoyed some stink-free cuddles from the baby skunks.

The segment lasted three and a half minutes, but that’s not all – Chessington received some great national coverage off the back of it, including The Mail Online, Express Online and Mirror Online to name just a few.

But the fame doesn’t stop there for the baby skunks, as they even made an appearance on Holly’s Instagram!

Nice work by the Frank team who secured the pieces.

Bombay Sapphire

Getting Creative With Bombay Sapphire

Reconnect with your creative-side with Bombay Sapphire’s #FindYourCanvas campaign.

On 28th August, Gin-Giant Bombay Sapphire launched its new campaign #FindYourCanvas, with the mission set in mind to get consumers back in touch with their creative-side. “Painted by Everyone”, a crowd sourced robotic art instillation, allowed fans of the brand to simply go on the website and selected a colour and a pixel on a 27-foot by 9-foot canvas. Easy peasy.

The program ran through from August 28th to September 1st and the grand reveal of the canvas will be at The Other Art Fair LA on September 5th.

A great innovative campaign from Bombay Sapphire… who doesn’t love getting creative?


IKEA Says Goodbye To Print And Hello To Digital

Take a step into the future with IKEA Denmark, as you bid farewell to your most-loved annual catalogue.

This is the first year that IKEA Denmark isn’t printing its famous catalogue. Instead, the brand is taking a leap into the digital age as it attempts to adapt alongside its Danish consumers behaviours.

But it doesn’t stop there, Danish creative agency Hjaltelin Stahl came up with the genius campaign called ‘The Missing Collection’. The campaign features a series of out-of-home adverts printed on the side of bus stops, but here’s the digital-catch, the new hot-off-the-flatpack-shelf items are silhouettes with a caption above saying ‘Our catalogue has moved online’; therefore prompting customers to go online to see the new mystery items.


Cadbury’s Goes Wordless For a Great Cause

If you see a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar this week and it looks a little different than usual, don’t be alarmed, there’s a reason behind it…

It’s no secret that loneliness in the 21st Century is a massive issue, especially amongst the elderly. A study from Cadbury’s and Age UK show that in a typical 7-day week almost 2.6 million people from the ages of 65 and over speak to three or fewer. So, the two companies have come together to tackle loneliness head on in a BIG way.

For the first time in history (yes, history) the global chocolate house has removed all the words from its packaging and has said it’s “donating the words” to Age UK. For each bar Cadbury’s sells, 30p will go towards Age UK, to help aid services and help towards the elderly.

The “Pledging your words” campaign encourages consumers to reach out to the elderly and open up conversations with people in their neighbourhood.

A great collaboration from Cadbury’s and Age UK – no one should ever feel lonely.

Compare and Despair

Compare and Despair: Facebook Trials Removing Total Like Counts on Posts

The days of comparing ‘likes’ on Facebook may soon be no more!

Following in Instagram’s footsteps, Facebook is experimenting with hiding total like counts on posts. In a recent trial, Facebook users were only able to view reactions and an “…and others” summary below posts, as opposed to the usual like count.

This move comes amid growing concerns about social media and its impact on mental health among young people. Speaking to CBS News in June, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said “We don’t want Instagram to be such a competition. We want it to be a place where people spend more of their energy connecting with the people they love and the things that they care about”. The removal of public like counts, could reduce social comparison, and its associated negative impacts.

Although many Facebook users welcome the trial, some argue that ‘likes’ are an important feature of the networking platform, and offer posters a way of measuring the quality of their content and its utility to others.

Kids Online

Kids Online: YouTube Takes Action

YouTube has a massive influence amongst the younger generation, with studies showing that children are 3x more likely to want to be a YouTuber than an astronaut when they grow up.

YouTube has brought out a statement explaining that the platform intends to introduce a range of new measures to protect children who use the platform – by reducing data collection on certain content aimed at children, as well as the capacity for advertisers on YouTube to reach children through ads.

YouTube plans to roll out these new measures over a four-month period, which will allow creators and advertisers to adjust.

Jade Pearl

Jade Pearl

Jade Pearl, known on Instagram as @jadepearl_, is a sustainable artist / illustrator and model based in London. Throughout her  career she has collaborated with the likes of Reebok, Adidas, Nike, ASOS, Superdry and many more.

With an Instagram following of 63.2k, Jade uses her influence to bring a variety of environmental issues into the spotlight. Reducing consumer waste is one subject close to her heart, which she highlights by taking discarded waste and turning it into fashion and art.

Since graduating from UAL London, Chelsea College of Arts, with a First Class Honours in BA Textiles Design, Jade’s career has gone from strength to strength. Check out her Instagram page for some amazing content and artwork. We definitely expect to see a lot more of Jade in the future!