The Week That The Dancing Granny Hit The Headlines 

Dancing Granny

Dancing Granny Goes Viral With sloggi Deal

When Colette Zacca was spotted dancing at Notting Hill Carnival over the weekend, crowds went wild with chants of “Go Granny!” and videos quickly started storming social media, with over 2 million people watching Colette’s moves.

Frank tipped off their client, underwear brand, sloggi, and worked to track her down and sign her to take part in the brand’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Needless to say its been a busy week.

Colette’s signing success has captured the eyes and hearts of news outlets across the country. The nation’s favourite Dancing Granny taught Eamonn and Ruth her moves on This Morning on Friday, while ITV News, Sky Sunrise, MailOnline, Daily Express, Stylist, Capital and many more have covered her rise to stardom. If you haven’t seen the story, pick up an Evening Standard on the way home – it’s on the front page.

4 FMBE Award Nominations

4 FMBE Award Nominations For Frank

It’s been a great week for us at Frank, as we’ve been nominated for 4 FMBE awards.

Not only has our Huawei campaign been nominated for both Product Launch of the Year and Consumer Campaign of the Year, but our amazing D-Day Story campaign is up for Experiential Campaign of the Year, too!

The fourth nomination, you ask? Well, that one is for Brand Experiential Agency of the Year. No biggy at all.

Fingers crossed for some more trophies to add to our cupboard at the awards show next month.


Specsavers Tap Into Headingley Heroes

When Jack Leach decided to clean his glasses mid-match at The Ashes, he probably didn’t think anything of it.

But teammate Ben Stokes thought it was worth a Tweet and suggested that the spin bowler go to Specsavers to sort his specs out.

Specsavers loved the idea and offered Leach free glasses for life to much praise on social media.

We’d take them up on that before the next test, Jack!

Innocent Drink IS Blue

Innocent Drink IS Blue, Says Man From Blue

What’s better than a blue drink? Duncan James from Blue, promoting a blue drink.

The ultimate 00’s heart-throb is working with Innocent Drinks on the brand’s Bolt from the Blue drink that cause social media uproar earlier this year with people claiming it was actually green.

After Duncan deemed the drink blue, Innocent signed him up for the brand’s advertising campaign. It’s a fully fledged throwback to the 00’s featuring a whole MSN style website dedicated to Duncan James and everything blue.

Not only this, but there have been some fun Twitter exchanges as Duncan changed his mind and said the drink was green, before being reminded that it was ‘a clear breach of contract’ from him.

A great campaign from Innocent, who could ever disagree with Duncan James?

 Notting Hill Arsenal

As we know, Notting Hill Carnival hit the streets of West London this weekend and all eyes were on the amazing, colourful outfits worn by people across the two days of the event. But Arsenal got involved in the most unique way.

Arsenal and adidas worked with Art of Football to create the ultimate carnival outfit for any Gooners fan. It’s based on a 90’s capsule collection, celebrating the clubs heritage and generally looking quite Insta-worthy, with club hero, Ian Wright’s number 9 on the back too.

Based on Arsenal’s 2019/20 away kit that’s been called the ‘Bruised Banana’, the outfits feature 90’s print, are unisex and there’s even a bucket hat. If you can pull it off.

Well done Arsenal – lets see if your fashion points can convert to league points now, eh?

Tupi Saravia

Influencer Clouded by Scandal

Influencer Tupi Saravia, who has a following of over 290,000 on Instagram has recently admitted to editing clouds in her photos with the app QuickShot, after her followers began to notice the cloud formation remained the same in all her photos.

The app Quickshot is used by some influencers, most popularly the feature Sky Control, which adds in cloud patterns to photos and takes travel photos to unprecedented heights.

Tupi has stated that she’s always been open about editing her photos and said that her followers were already aware of what she was doing.

Despite Tupi’s transparency, some of her followers were still disappointed in the influencer and widespread outreach was caused upon these revelations.

3D Facebook

3D Facebook Photos for Android Devices

Put on your moon boots and take a step into the future with Facebook’s new 3D photo feature on Android.

By cleverly adding depth to still images by using a dual camera, which you can find on pretty much every smartphone right now, Facebook are giving android users the chance to spice up their online creativity like never before. After the success and online-rave of Facebook’s 360 photo feature (70 million photos uploaded to be exact!) 3D photos for android users seemed like the next step for global networking site, Facebook.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3, all android users have to do is upload a photo and simply click the ‘3D Photo’ option from the updated tools list.

India Clifton

India Clifton

India Clifton aka @indiaamoon, is a Brighton-based fashion and lifestyle influencer with an Instagram following of 48.6k and counting.

Her aesthetically pleasing account includes beautifully shot streetwear styles along with all the exciting things she gets up to in her every day life. India recently went travelling and damn did it give us serious holiday-envy (*immediately books one-way ticket to Bali*). Even being on holiday didn’t stop her – India continued to create top-quality content and still took the time to respond to her followers whilst she was away.

India continues to build her organic following whilst working with amazing brands – she is definitely an influencer to follow and keep your eye on.