The Week That We Loved A Bit Of Backless


Kick Back(less) And Relax?

easyJet and ASOS took Twitter by storm in a medley of good and bad press this week. When passenger Matthew Harris tweeted a photo of another passenger on an easyJet flight to Geneva in a seat with no back, the airline “broke a cardinal rule of social media” according to PR Week.

Rather than empathise with the complaint and manage the situation, easyJet threw petrol onto the flame when the social team Tweeted back asking the user to take the photo down. This was, of course, met with fury by the public and the PR world, and a nice bit of agendaneering from ASOS – who tweeted “Hey@easyJet we love your funky new backless seats… possible uniform upgrade to compliment? #easyJet #BacklessBoarding” with a photo of one of their orange backless dresses.

Twitter users have rejoiced at the brilliant ASOS reply finding it both humorous and clever while easyJet scrambled to remedy the situation. At least ASOS had the brand’s back.

Mitey Ad

Mitey Ad

Marmite attempted to capitalise on the arrival of Aussie fans to the UK for the Ashes by supplying them with free jars of Marmite in an attempt to win them over from the nation’s beloved Vegemite. However, this simply reignited a rivalry nearly as old as The Ashes, with Vegemite stepping into the fray with an advert in The Daily Mirror.

In typically Aussie fashion, Vegemite wrote a tongue in cheek explanation on why Brits prefer Marmite due to “refined palates” but noting that Vegemite is “stronger”, “made of resilience” and “tastes like a come-from-behind victory by 251 runs”. That last one burned.

Love it or hate it (Marmite/Vegemite, not Australians), this was a great win for Vegemite (and hopefully the last for the Australians).

Burger King


McDonald’s McLoses McIt’s ‘Mc’ McTrademark

In a David vs. Goliath legal battle between McDonald’s (Goliath) and Supermac’s (definitely David), EU courts boldly concluded that, for some of its food products in the EU, McDonald’s has no exclusive claim to use ‘Mc’ or, in fact, ‘Big Mac’.

As a result, bar some staple products like McNuggets, Supermac’s has free reign to ‘Mc’ up its menu – something Burger King decided to get in on.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at the brand’s long-time rival, Frank client Burger King UK Tweeted out “Good McMorning” to celebrate the news. Nice.

Instagram Scheduling

Creators rejoice, there will now be native Instagram scheduling via an official app!

Instagram scheduling has been a headache for social managers, leading to a range of alternative posting options. But most of these have been limited due to Instagram’s API restrictions on what third-party tools can access, and how they can post.

This new official app provides an increased capacity as you will be able to see exactly what your Insta posts will look like. It has been rolling out to users over the past month but more broadly this week. You will need to have a business account linked to your Creator Studio to access this function.

But it will also allow you to upload multiple images to your posts and it should make Instagram management much easier. Interested to see how this plays out and develops.

YouTuber Condemned

Well-known YouTube star Brooke Houts this week accidentally posted footage showing her pushing and hitting her pet dog, a Doberman who has featured frequently in her videos.

Houts shared the video with her 300,000 subscribers, in place of the edited version. The video, which she has since deleted, but has already been shared across the internet, shows a shocking case of animal abuse.

Houts attempted to justify her behaviour in a statement released across her social channels however fans have not bought her excuses, and she is now being investigated by LAPD.

This incident offers an important lesson on how crucial it is to do due diligence when looking into working with people.

Tania Bunic

Tania Bunic
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