The Week That Paddy Power “UNsponsored” football shirts.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power start a conversation by launching their “#SaveOurShirt” campaign

This clever PR stunt was all part of a movement to “UNsponsor” the football shirts wore by top league clubs. Paddy Power claim they know their place, “and it’s not on your shirt”.

Clubs Huddersfield Town and Motherwell FC have got involved with the movement, and have committed to wearing unsponsored jerseys all season.

To spark a conversation about the movement Huddersfield Town players even took part in a prank where they wore Paddy Power sponsored sashes in their pre-season match. This stunt was a successful way to get people talking and create a buzz on social media.

All-in-all a witty campaign with a smart initiative, which reflects the mischievous personality of Paddy Power.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Fancy a free Cadbury 99 Flake ice cream in these scorching temperatures? Well look no further, as of this week, Cadbury are offering free ice cream to anyone who can scream loud enough.

Yes, that’s right, scream for a free ice cream- seems easy right? Well the decision is determined by Cadburys very own iScream machine, which is touring Britain’s most-loved beach destinations this month.

This exciting stunt is all part of Cadbury’s celebrations for the 99 chocolate flake. 99 years since it was launched and it’s still an iconic summer treat.

So if you’re a lover of the 99 Flake ice cream be sure to keep an eye out for the iScream challenge.

Polaroid camera

“The world’s biggest, slowest and most impractical Polaroid camera”

The exact words of photographer, Brendan Barry, the first person to convert a shipping container into a fully functioning camera.

This was all part of an exciting project to reach out to people and invite them to make portraits of the community. While it was a time-consuming task, it’s gone down a treat with the locals. Many have even travelled hours to Nothernhay Gardens in Exeter to visit the “container camera”.

Brendan has also collaborated with local charities and community groups to create cool imagery. It may be “big”, “slow” and “impractical” but it’s been a hit with the public. All in all, a huge thumbs up from us.

2020 Olympics

Twitter’s live-streaming efforts have not helped boost the platform as it had originally hoped but it has helped underline the platform’s position as a key aggregator of real-time news and insights. Twitter has allegedly signed a new agreement with NBC to broadcast limited coverage of the 2020 Olympics, which will help Twitter become more of a hub for associated discussion and sharing. The main offering sounds similar to the program Twitter trailed with the NBA last season. Fans will be able to vote on which prime time live event or athlete they want to focus on.

Popular YouTube Content

With 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is a giant in the online space, and one that should not be overlooked by digital marketers. YouTube remains the leader in video content, which is, at present, the most popular format for connecting with audiences. The team from Pew Research conducted a new study of some of the most popular YouTube channels, in order to find out what they’re posting, how they’re posting it and what content trends are emerging. The study focused on channels that had 250k subscribers, and conducted an analysis of all the content this group posted in the first week of 2019. There were some interesting results.


The Linked Inn will be in Manchester and Bristol in partnership with Heineken. The social networking site launched the experience in London in March and said that it managed to achieve double the forecast attendance. In Manchester it will be taking over The Atlas in Deansgate and Bristol’s host pub is still TBC. Heineken, John Lewis Partnership and H&M will have representatives at the event to meet potential candidates. LinkedIn experts will be on hand to provide career advice and help boost their online profile visits. This activity aligns with LinkedIn’s increased marketing push in those cities, including out-of-home, radio, digital and social activity.

Sophie Knight

Sophie Knight
Sophie Knight, otherwise known as @sophielouisesdiary is a London-based influencer. Her feed consists of all the best fashion and beauty products, as well as top travel locations.

With a following of 102K, Sophie is able to offer advice to her Instagram audience and is often seen promoting her favourite brands. These include: Revolve, Rebellious Fashion and Zara.

She’s also a self-confessed hand bag addict and can always be seen with a gorgeous accessory in hand. From Chanel, to Dior, to high street brands like River Island, Sophie is always looking super glam.