The Week That It All Got A Bit Cheesy 


People Go Wild For Burger King’s Halloumi King

This week saw Burger King launch its summer smash – the Halloumi King. After launching in Europe last year, squeaky cheese fans were chomping at the bit for the taste sensation. That’s one (or two) authentic fried Cypriot halloumi patties with crisp lettuce, onions, tomatoes and creamy mayo; all sitting perfectly between two brioche buns.

The Frank team got media excited with an exclusive tasting event at Our London vodka distillery in Hackney & some refreshing summer cocktails. For those that couldn’t make it we had a little bit of help from Lionel Ritchie for some creative media drops. To date we’ve have 73 pieces of coverage with big hits on LadBible, Pretty 52 and Mail online. Head down to your local Burger King now to get your hands on one.



The Bottle Cap Challenge Takes The Internet By Storm

The Bottle Cap Challenge has taken the internet by storm this week. You must have been living under a rock to miss it – but, in case you have, essentially the challenge is about using a kick, as opposed to your hands, to open the bottle.

Many celebs including Jason Statham, Justin & Hailey Bieber and Diplo have taken it on.

Mariah Carey, however, who has most definitely won the challenge, opens the bottle with zero contact. Turns out her voice isn’t just topping the charts but has the magic to fly away bottle caps! Her attempt has left many in hysterics, with one Twitter user commenting ‘Everyone go home, Mariah won.’

Other celebs who took alternative takes include Steve-O, who used his… organ to open the cap, and Ryan Reynolds who used the challenge to promote his gin brand.

Lots of fun and games with the challenge, however a couple of them haven’t gone down so well. Kendall Jenner is receiving backlash after her not so impressive attempt at the challenge, appearing to leave a plastic bottle cap in the sea, after opening the drink with her foot on a jet ski.

Cadbury Unveils Chocolate 3D Printer So Your Sweetest Dreams Can Come True

In celebration of World Chocolate Day on 7th July, Cadbury launched the very first chocolate 3D printer in Melbourne. This new piece of technology can print personalised 3D objects made completely from layers of sweet, smooth milk chocolate! What more can you want?

Choices for the lucky users include shapes, letters and Australian icons such as flip-flops and kangaroos. Whether or not the 3D printer will enter other cities in the world is still unknown, stay tuned! We can only pray…

Nestlé Creates First Ever Recyclable Paper Candy Wrapper

Nestlé’s YES! fruit and nut bar will be the first ever candy bar to get packaged in 100% recyclable paper through a ‘high-speed flow wrap technology’.

Unlike the McDonald’s’ straws, these wrappers can be manufactured at a large scale and can guarantee product quality and freshness over the entire life shelf. This is a big step in increasing sustainability and Nestlé have promised that by 2025, 100% of its packaging will be recyclable or reusable.

A great step in the right direction from a global brand…

Sick Of Summer Drinking? Why Not Visit Sainsbury’s’ Alcohol Free Pub

Bored of spending your days in beer gardens drinking when it isn’t even sunny? Classic UK…this July, Sainsbury’s will be launching a pop-up pub in London called the ‘The Clean Vic’ that will only serve no or low-alcohol drinks.  This means you can still be involved in the classic ‘British summer life’ without experiencing hangovers.

Not only is this pop-up pub great news for your internal organs, but also for your bank balance! With entry costing only £5 for two free drinks and bar snacks, this is definitely much better value than your average London pub.

Now we can only pray for some more sun!


Pinterest is launching new video features for creatives and brands as it is looking to expand its advertising offering after its initial public offering. The social media platform has now created a video tab on business profiles, making it possible for brands to feature all their videos in one place. It is also introducing new video analytics for brands to collate lifetime views for a film. At the moment Pinterest is different from other platforms as its allows videos to resurface over time. Scheduling video content in advance will now be possible through the Pin Scheduler tool. It is positioning itself as the ideal media platform for how-to videos and tutorials.


Bullying has been one of the most critical issues for the platform. The young and impressionable are using social media more and more. Instagram has announced it is adding a new automated warning which will prompt users when their comment may be considered offensive, giving a review option. It is also testing a new ‘restricted’ mode, which will give users a way to lessen the impact of certain users without alerting them to any such limitation. The idea is that limiting the exposure of such comments, you lessen the harm. The restricted mode will still allow the content creator to see the comment, so it is limiting its reach and perhaps others jumping on a comment but may still cause harm.


The internet is a revolving door of recommendations. We see you recently watched Chernobyl; may we recommend another bleak tv series? How about continuously updating playlist of songs based on your listening history? You gave that Facebook post a thumbs up= would you like to see more posts like that? Henry Boldizsar who used to work at CALM began working on an app that would deliver the news with a more useful algorithm. The app called Gem, launched on iOS this week. You choose categories you are interested in reading more about, but Gem then differentiates itself by exercising two main principles: first, you rate the stuff you read based on adjectives rather than a simple thumbs up or down, then the algorithm gives users more control over what they want to see. You can then filter articles by type, or adjust the influence of certain factors. Gem will still recommend news articles but it tries to avoid some of the pitfalls of other algorithms.

Frank Picks Up ‘Campaign For Good Award’ for Best Environmental Cause Campaign 2019

Lewis Pugh, UN Patron for the Oceans, was the first man to swim the full length of the English Channel in order to raise awareness for ocean conservation – and Frank was there for the whole journey, making sure everyone knew wit was happening.

The Long Swim saw Lewis swim 560km along the English coastline – the equivalent of crossing the Channel from Dover to Calais 16 times over – averaging five hours swimming, and covering between 10-20km, each day. The total length of the swim is the equivalent of crossing the Channel from Dover to Calais 16 times over. The Long Swim marked the start of a worldwide campaign entitled Action for Oceans, an initiative that is calling on governments to fully protect at least 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.

The Long Swim won Best Environmental Cause Campaign at the Campaign For Good Awards this week.

Frank Picks Up PRCA Dare North Award

In further award news, Frank this week picked up the trophy for Public Sector Award at the PRCA Dare awards, for work with Portsmouth Council on the D-Day Soldiers of Sacrifice campaign.

Read more about it here.

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