The Week That We All Recovered From Glasto 

Alex from Glasto

Glastonbury came to a close at the start of this week, and with some incredible on and off stage moments, here’s a round of up the best things we saw:

Dave x Alex x BoohooMAN

Rapper Dave put on an incredible performance, the best moment of which was when he got super-fan Alex Mann on stage to smash a rendition of Thiago Silva.

Alex Mann was quickly approached by BoohooMAN, and the brand kitted him out. Nice, quick thinking from the brand.

Stormzy x Banksy x Sign Language

Stormzy’s incredible headline performance had many impressive moments. Our two favourites were the stab-prevention Union Jack vest, created by Banksy, and of course the incredible performance from sign language interpreter Tara Asher.

But that wasn’t all the fun to be had at Glasto. We can’t forget Stormzy’s legendary performance, Alex’s rap with Dave and Kylie finally living out her Glastonbury dream. Safe to say this year was a hoot and we’re already planning our tickets next year.

David Attenborough vs Plastic

Greeted with loud cheers from the crowd, the nation’s favourite naturalist made a surprise appearance on the Pyramid Stage at this year’s Glastonbury. Yes, Sir David Attenborough graced the stage ahead of his new BBC series, titled ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’.

Attenborough praised the crowd for helping the festival go plastic-free this year which received a huge round of applause, probably the best reception we saw all festival if we’re honest.


Lorraine Meets Chessington’s Lionesses

In honour of England’s very own Lionesses reaching the World Cup semi-final this week, Lorraine challenged the UK’s luckiest lioness to predict how she thought our girls were going to get on.

Star of the show, Rani, who lives at Frank client Chessington World of Adventures Resort, could be seen racing towards two boxes placed inside her enclosure with the England and USA flags on so she could easily make her verdict on air. But with Rani being a true patriot, the USA didn’t stand a chance as she instantly backed England to win.

Despite Rani’s support, the girls just missed out on a place in the final with a 2-1 lose. Safe to say we’re still proud of them and how far they went. As for Rani, our luckiest lioness may have got it wrong this time – but who can stay mad at that face?

Join Chat

Instagram launches ‘Join Chat’ Sticker to Promote Private Group Discussion

This week Instagram officially launched its new ‘Join Chat’ sticker for Stories, which, when tapped, will connect Stories viewers into a private chat. The creator will be notified that a viewer has asked to join the chat and they can then approve them as a chat contributor and bring them into the discussion. There has been an overall rise in messaging use across various social apps, so Instagram is looking to facilitating the same, porting more engagement and interaction into Direct, in the hope that it will stop users switching apps to hold more intimate discussions.


Adidas Under Fire For Racist Tweets After Botched Arsenal Launch

Adidas UK came under fire this week after a social media gambit backfired spectacularly. The company tweeted out pictures of its shirts with racist and offensive slogans on the back. The error came as Adidas launched social media campaign,

#DareToCreate, in conjunction with its release of the new Arsenal home kit. People were encouraged to share a tweet advertising the brand using the hashtag, which automatically created an image of the new Arsenal strip emblazoned with Twitter handle of the account.

However, the promotional campaign was hijacked by people with offensive or insensitive Twitter handles. Those images were then retweeted widely. The offensive tweets were posted by @AdidasUK account, they have now been removed.


Got 30,000 Followers On Social Media? You’re A Celebrity According To Advertising Watchdog Rules

Anyone with more than 30,000 social media followers is now considered a celebrity and subject to advertising rules, a watchdog has ruled in a landmark case. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found mummy blogger, Sarah Willox Knott, breached its rules when she promoted an over-the-counter sleeping sedative, as the size of her Instagram following classified her as a ‘celebrity’. The ruling is the first of its kind where a social media ‘influencer’ has fallen foul of regulations banning celebrities or health professionals from endorsing medical products.

Trump's Campaign

Trump’s Campaign Is Leading The Way With An Unprecedented Social Media Campaign

Donald Trump spent more than $11.1m on Facebook and Google ads alone more than 500 days before the election. The Trump campaign has been using Facebook ads and clever rhetoric to win over voters and donations. They used the ads to gain fundraising donations and with over 200 minor variations of their ads running on Facebook dispersing topical and negative information about their opponents and the Democratic Party. The campaign targeted older Facebook users across the country, in defiance of conventional wisdom about who responds to social media campaigning. They are way ahead of everyone else in the political landscape and the nature and size of their social media campaign is unprecedented, and all of this is 500 days before the election takes place.

Coco London

Coco London

High-end lifestyle influencer, Coco London, is the epitome of luxury. Boasting an impressive 130,000 followers on Instagram, Coco gives us a taste of the high life.

When she’s not visiting Nice or living it up on yachts, Coco’s busy being the ultimate Girl Boss. With an Oxbridge education already under her belt, Coco launched her own clothing line, co2ldn. The streetwear brand perfectly captures the personality of it’s founder,  conveying good, clean, intelligent fun and we definitely want a piece.

Having previously partnered with brands like Rolls Royce, Balmain and Charlotte Tilbury, Coco is one we’ll be keeping a close eye on.