The Week Our Vegan Dreams Came True 

Sainsbury's Meat Free

Sainsbury’s Meat Free Butchers 

In honour of World Meat Free Week, Sainsbury’s launched the country’s very first Meat-Free Butchers. The shop displayed cuts, joints and strings of sausages all made from 100% plant-based ingredients, such  as mushroom, jackfruit and even pea protein.

This comes as the supermarket has experienced a 65% increase in sales of plant-based products year-on-year, with sales having doubled last year compared to the year before.

With research showing many people still worry they won’t like the taste of meat substitutes, combined with not knowing how to cook them, the Meat-Free Butchers showcased the huge variety of choice that is now available, and allowed customers to taste the products – made by a specially trained plant-based chef – and ask questions about how to cook them.

Thank you Sainsbury’s, you have us craving more vegan options now!

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney and Adidas Capture Plastic Waste

British designer Stella McCartney has teamed up with sports giant Adidas to fight our society’s overconsumption of single use products, by creating a stylish way of helping our sea – and all its inhabitants – with a sustainable collection of shoes and active wear.

The collection contains Parley Ocean Plastic (plastic ocean debris), which is collected from coastlines to be shredded and reworked into high-performance polyester yarn. This new environmentally-friendly sportswear sets a precedent for how we reuse the plastic waste that harms our ecosystem.

Stella McCartney, alongside Adidas, has even designed a Wimbledon kit containing the plastic waste. Reigning women’s champion Angelique Kerber and 2017 winner Garbine Muguruza are among the stars who will be sporting the range.

We are excited to see the range in full swing and hope it inspires others to recycle.

Corona's Interlocks

Corona’s Interlocks To Cut Out Plastic 
It’s a week for ditching all things plastic! Joining the fight against single use plastic is Corona, who is trialing a unique interlocking can system called ‘Fit Packs’ – that has already won an award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The packs will allow up to 10 cans to be locked and stacked together – eliminating the need for plastic pack rings which are largely responsible for the Beverage industry’s 16.5 million tonnes of plastic packaging waste a year. What’s more, Corona has made the design open for other competitors to copy in it’s initiative to create a sustainable planet.

Clean Air Day

For Clean Air Day 2019, and with air pollution at the forefront of the political agenda, Frank client Green Flag wanted to educate motorists about how to be more environmentally friendly when driving.

Green Flag went out with a story about CAD and provided top tips for drivers to reduce their vehicles emissions. The story gained great traction and achieved coverage in the likes of the Mail Online and the Daily Express.

New Instagram Feature

New Instagram Feature Brings ‘Suggestions For You’ in DMs

Instagram is sliding into our DMs to encourage us to follow more people. Under some posts sent through DM, a ‘Suggestions for You’ panel will load featuring related accounts. This test could hint at Facebook’s larger plans for its direct messaging platforms; recently Facebook announced it would begin merging the architecture behind its three discrete messaging platforms: Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram DM. Facebook is going all in on direct messaging as the future of its platform – it makes sense for them to insert interactive features that boost engagement in our DMs.

White House

White House to Hold Social Media Summit

As Facebook and Google are under attack in Washington, the White House has announced it will hold a social media summit on July 11. It wants to have a robust conversation about online platforms. With Trump criticising the tech companies, inciting that they are ‘trying to rig the election’, Twitter is apparently working against him to stop people following him. This is an interesting move by the White House – watch this space to see how this conversation pans out.

 Facebook Adds

 Facebook Adds ‘Top Fans’ Targeting Option for Organic Page Posts

Facebook is rolling out a new option which enables Pages to publish updates targeted to their top Page fans specifically. This enables Pages to create posts exclusively for Top Fans. This new targeting could provide another way to facilitate more community engagement, and generate stronger connections. Reaching a Page’s most passionate advocates could help boost activity on the Page and lead to expanded reach. The Top Fan badge must be turned on for this feature to work, though, and only Pages with 10K plus will be eligible to use it. But it is definitely something new to consider for Pages posting and planning processes.

Elnaz, Tanaz and Golnaz

Elnaz, Tanaz and Golnaz

Elnaz, Tanaz and Golnaz AKA thetripletsss, they say ‘good things come in threes’ which is especially true for these identical sisters. They give us serious fashion envy along with some sparkle, having recently released their own jewellery brand, inspired by their heritage and diverse cultures they have experienced on their travels. Originally from Iran, the triplets have travelled the world from Amsterdam to Greece and now live in London.

With a love of fashion, the trio sport stylish matching outfits to their 283k Instagram followers.

With a goal to make others feel strong and to believe in themselves, these ladies are definitely giving us empowered and confident vibes.