The Week That We Went Crazy For Tomato Edchup


Ed Sheeran & Heinz Reinvent Ketchup

Long-time ketchup fanatic and music superstar, Ed Sheeran, is rarely caught without a bottle of his beloved tomato sauce. He frequently talks about his obsession with the condiment in interviews and even has a tattoo of the iconic logo.

So, when Ed DM’ed Condiment King Heinz with an idea for a brand-campaign, the team there couldn’t say no. Ed’s message to the brand about his experience in a fancy restaurant, one which didn’t serve ketchup and everyone in it looked at him like he was mad for pulling out a bottle and putting it on his plate, has been turned into a fully-integrated, above the line campaign.

Nice work, Heinz

Dr Leah

Dr Leah Opens New Clinic

Frank has been busy launching the third clinic from Dr Leah, winner of The Apprentice 2013. The opened her fourth clinic specialising in cosmetic procedures and surgery.

The two story, state of the art Baker Street clinic is the flagship clinic, offering a variety of new, more advanced treatments including hair transplants, mole removal and female health treatments.

The launch was marked with a grand opening ceremony attended by Dr Leah and her mentor, Lord Sugar, and its opening caused a media splash, with coverage including Sky News, Daily Mail, Metro and Daily Star.

Breaking Down The Fences

Breaking Down The Fences

After collaborating on a study with OnePoll, Amstel uncovered that only 5% of people feel close to their neighbours and found that a shocking 31% of people didn’t even know what their neighbours look like. Amstel also shed light that out of the 12 regions surveyed in the UK, Londoners felt the most distant from their neighbours.

Amstel saw this is an opportunity to create a campaign for
National Neighbours’ Week. The beer brand created a pop-up pub, appropriately named The Open Arms, to bring neighbours together. Amstel’s website allows individuals to search for an Amstel pub nearby and encourages them to break the ice with their neighbour.

Fitting in with the ‘neighbour’ concept, the pub, situated by London’s Tower Bridge and designed by Dutch architect Denis Oudendijk, is also constructed out of garden fences. This creative concept has created a social space for communities out of tangible barriers. It also creates a synergy with the brand’s latest advert where Hollywood legend, Jeff Bridges becomes a human bridge in order to get people to come together and connect over a ‘bier’.

Grenfell United

Grenfell United Makes Bold Statement

Grenfell United, an alliance of survivors and friends and family of victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster, last week made a bold statement regarding the ongoing housing issues facing many people in the UK.

In partnership with Anomaly, Grenfell United turned unsafe buildings across the UK into billboards by emblazoning statements about their failure to meet safety standards that could prevent another incident like Grenfell from occurring.

The projections were covered across social media as people took note of the guerrilla stunt. Emotive video content was also produced.


YouTube Considering Making A Kid-Safe Platform 

YouTube is reportedly considering moving all children’s content to YouTube Kids. With all of the negative press recently, the platform is are also discussing turning off the auto-play recommended videos on children’s content.

This system, in the past, has led from harmless content to extreme content and conspiracy theories. It’s a massive move for the platform to do this, and is a step towards the company rectifying some of its algorithm issues which have previously been catastrophic in leading children into harmful content. A positive step change in regulation which is something many parents have been calling for such a long time.


Instagram Is Testing Options To Make Account Recovery Easier

Instagram is looking into testing an new in-app account recovery process that should make it easier to recover an account. It will also make it harder for thieves to get away with the act of hacking accounts in the first place.

The current process makes the account holder wait for an email or fill out a support form. This new approach will ask for different types of info, it will then send you a six digit code to the content info of your choice, and Instagram will then prevent hackers from using email or phone number codes to take over your account from a different device. Instagram is hoping that this new approach will put off account hijackers in the future and that eventually you will be able to recover an account entirely within the app, rather than relying on a security team.


VSCO Cam Slowly Gaining On Instagram

For years, Instagram has reigned as the top image-based app platform. But this might be about to end, an up-and-coming photo editing app is a hit with the Gen Z – and it might finally give Instagram a run for its money with the masses.

VSCO is a photography editing and sharing app which was conceived by Visual Supply Co, who started building photo editing tools for Apple and Adobe. The app has both free and paid for subscriptions. VSCO earned its stripes among photography enthusiasts early on. Since its 2011 launch it has been among the app stores top 15 photo and video apps but now its gaining traction. In April 2018, VSCO surpassed 30 million overall users and 1 million paid subscriptions. VSCO is not aiming to be a social media platform but its popularity is increasing and so will only time will if it will overtake Instagram as the go to photo app.

Copper Garden

Copper Garden

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