The Week That Plus Size Mannequins Got The World Talking đŸ’Ș

Nike Plus Size

Nike’s Plus-Size Mannequins

Proving its status as a disruptive, belief-driven brand, Nike has not only introduced para-sport mannequins but has also have incorporated plus-size mannequins into sportswear displays. Whilst the mannequins have only been trialled in Nike’s Oxford Street store, the mannequins did not escape criticism.

Claiming that “the war on obesity is lost”, Tanya Gold, a columnist for The Telegraph, turned the topic controversial, with many Twitter users joining in and commenting that the mannequin promoted obesity.

We at Frank think that Nike should be applauded for its inclusive mannequins – being active is important, and should be encouraged – especially by a brand as influential as Nike. So get on your running gear, everyone – the rain’s stopped (for now).

Celeb Dad of the Year 2019

Celeb Dad of the Year 2019 Winner Revealed

This week, Frank client Clas Ohlson was thrilled to announce that internet sensation Jonathan Saccone Joly is the proud recipient of this year’s Celebrity Dad of the Year award. He collected his prize at a ceremony hosted at the Shard, attended by Jonathan alongside his wife Anna.

This is Swedish retailer Clas Ohlson’s second year sponsoring the prestigious parenting award, and the second year in a row that an influencer has won over a traditional celebrity. Other nominees this year included Declan Donnelly, Joe Wicks, Jeff Brazier and comedian Chris Ramsey.  So far, the story has been covered across the world, with titles including MailOnline, The Sun and OK! Magazine.


Santander or Antandec?

Last week Santander donated its airtime and attention to rival bank; Antandec. The fictional rival, Antandec is a clever play on the name Santander, in the campaign directed by Declan Lowney through Another Film Company.

In the campaign, Ant & Dec go in to detail on their rather unconventional business ideas, such as “Netbricks”, an initiative that sends aspiring homeowners one brick in the post every day for ÂŁ9.99 a month, allowing them to eventually build their own home. The campaign is light hearted and aims to help customers realise their aspirations in an engaging way.

The bank of ‘Antandec’ marks the start of a new multi-year partnership between the comedy duo and Santander. Having already secured long-term high-profile partnerships with Jessica Ennis and Jenson Button, we’re sure that Ant and Dec will be acting as brand ambassadors for the foreseeable future.

Love Island

Swizzles ‘Crack On’ With The New Love Hearts

Last week, Love Island series five burst onto our TV screens, eagerly anticipated and watched by over 3 million people.

Swizzles, creators of your favourite childhood sweets; ‘love hearts’, capitalised on the programme’s popularity and partnered with Love Island. Playing on the fact both brands focus on finding love, Sarah-Louise Heslop, marketing manager at Swizzles, named it the perfect partnership. The creation of bespoke love hearts were at the centre of the campaign, engraving the hearts with recognisable sayings from the show, from ‘crack on’ to ‘hun’ and ‘pied’.

This is a clever move from Swizzles as the brand has taken advantage of the greatly popular show and created a campaign worth talking about. As this is the first time that Swizzles has ever changed the messages on its love hearts, this was a particularly bold move!

Twitter New Feature

Twitter Is Testing A New Feature In Canada That Allows People To Censor Who Replies To Their Tweets

Twitter is testing a new option which would enable users to hide selected replies from their tweets, meaning that a user could potentially control who replies to their tweets and how other people see replies to their tweets. This could put a tweet in a very favourable light, allowing any negative comments to be hidden by the user and could even contribute to the spread of misinformation.

However, this tech could also be mobilised to reduce trolling or spam tweets, and can still be seen by users who click the new ‘show hidden tweets’ button – but for the passive scroller, this could really cause a skew in the way a tweet is perceived.

The main argument about this update appears to be between those who welcome it as an opportunity to maintain civility on the platform, and those who would see it as a means to simply remove dissenting or extreme views from the platform.

Facebook has long used this ‘hide replies’ option, but as a platform, Twitter has prided itself on being an open space with free speech and visibility for the majority, where everyone can share an opinion. To then have the opportunity to give individual users the power to shrink other’s visibility on their own tweets is quite a significant departure from Twitter’s ethos to date.

However, given that Twitter has also been plagued with toxic communities and voices who can shout down or criticise those who dismiss their perspective, this could be a welcome change and allow individual users to have more control over what they see on their timeline and the full Twitter experience.

Used properly, this functionality could end up being a valuable, helpful option that removes the trend-jackers and spammers, but obviously there is significant potential for misuse which explains why Twitter is trying this on a relatively small scale.

Snapchat Tests

Snapchat Tests Multi-Snaps, Stickers and Events 

Snapchat is currently testing three new app features. ‘Multi-snap’ will allow users to compose multiple snaps at once, allowing longer sequential videos to be posted at once. Whilst technically already possible through various user workarounds, Snapchat’s introduction of the feature would enable a more seamless experience when producing longer Snap videos or short series.

Secondly, a number of Bitmoji stickers are being designed and implemented into Snap Story replies. In a similar vein to Snapchat’s existing extension for iMessage, Bitmoji stickers will allow users to create a greater variety of responses to their friend’s stories.

Finally, Snapchat appears to be trialling a new integrated event planning feature. At present, the current build allows users to create an event, with a name, location, time and a means for attendees to join a private chat. As yet, there’s no official launch date for any of the features.


Instagram And Facebook Fly A Flag Of Features For Pride

Instagram is bringing two additional features to the app over the course of Pride month. Gender listing options will receive a new ‘custom’ gender option, enabling users who do not classify as either male of female greater scope in how they self-identify online. The feature will enable greater inclusivity for users, enduring beyond the duration of Pride.

In addition, through partnering with GLAAD, Instagram has identified popular hashtags used by the LBQT community, including #Pride, #LoveisLove and #BornPerfect. For this year’s pride, users who are using these and other popular Pride hashtags will find a rainbow spectrum of colour to around their profile picture, substituting the original orange-red spectrum. Such a colour feature is likely to be extended to more events and popular functions moving forward (Green for #StPaddysDay anyone?)

Additionally, within New York, Instagram has curated a series of public art installations dedicated to untold LGBTQ pioneers, places and movements which helped drive the foundation of the current queer community. #UntoldPride will feature across ten sights within the city.

Finally, Instagram’s parent company Facebook will enable users to display pride themed backgrounds within status updates and posts.

Robyn Poppy

Robyn Poppy

With her 27,900 followers continually growing, Robyn Poppy is an influencer to watch. From London, Robyn is a fashion and beauty influencer. Being a photographer in nature, this means for really well-presented content and lots of satisfying food shots on her stories.

Still having a relatively small influence, Robyn hasn’t collaborated with too many brands, but her recent partnerships include Ugg and Superdry.