The Week That Recipes Were Given Rhythms

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Spotify Turns Your Favourite Dishes Into Recipes

Brazilian cookware brand Tramontina’s newest campaign, the ‘Flavor of Songs’ which brings together a unique partnership between Spotify and cookware. The ingenious pairing has created a feature to turn the platforms’s 44 millions tunes into recipes.

The brand used a principle of synesthesia to classify the millions of songs available in Spotify’s database. These parameters then became ingredients; dance music was associated with temperature; energy as density or texture; positivity became bitterness or acidity, and musical notes became harmonisation.

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, for example, became a foie gras terrine with salmon caviar and cold barley.

An incredible use of developing and utilising existing technology to create a new and exciting way we consume music and food!

Fancy A Taste?

With the rise of health trends including veganism, vegetarianism and gluten-free, it is easy for many to forget serious health issues many people suffer, such as celiac disease.

To shine a light on the severity of the condition, Celiac Disease Foundation and Beyond Celiac created an educational campaign that brought to life the pain that sufferers feel when they eat gluten. In Boston’s busy South Station, the brand set up a faux pop-up bakery called Celenia’s Cupcakes.

The cupcakes looked normal enough, except that they were covered in things like scorpions, matches, thumbtacks, nails and antifreeze. The experience was designed to educate, raise awareness and inspire compassion for sufferers of the disease. A very clever and simple idea, with a huge impact on the consumer.

Greggs X Lewis Capaldi

Everyone’s favourite Scottish singer, Lewis Capaldi, was spotted working in one of Middlesborough’s Greggs outlets. Decked out in the full Greggs uniform, including hairnet, he told customers that he was on work experience and served up breakfasts, coffees, sandwiches and bakes.

The chain changed their name to ‘Capaldi’s’ for the brief time the singer/songwriter was on shift, even printing his name on some of the paper bags the food is served in.

This was all to promote the singer’s performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, which was hosted in Middlesborough last weekend.

Vicky Pattison and Ferne McCann Find Their Past
This week BFFS Vicky Pattison and Ferne McCann collaborated with Frank client Findmypast to put their North vs South relationship to the test.

Findmypast revealed the regional DNA breakdown of both reality TV stars, capturing their emotions on camera as they discover they’re not from where they’re famed to be. To watch the full video, please click here.

Often regarded as the epitome of Newcastle born and bred, Vicky Pattison is renowned for her Geordie twang and relatable one-liners, yet Findmypast DNA reveals this northern soul’s DNA is actually 18.8% Aberdeenshire, with a further 30.6% from North West Europe.

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann also received her DNA breakdown from Findmypast DNA, shining a light on her diverse roots. This famous Essex reality star’s DNA reveals that Ferne’s actually 16.1% Germanic and 9.3% Irish.

The video has racked up hundreds and thousands of views, and coverage includes MailOnline and The Sun.

To mark Pride Month 2019, Instagram is adding a new colour notifier for any stories which include a Pride-related hashtag, such as #LoveIsLove. The ring that notifies a user of a new story will turn rainbow, as will the hashtag.

Instagram will potentially be rolling out event more features for Pride Month as last year it added a new rainbow background for stories, rainbow versions of hashtags, mention and location stickers, as well as a rainbow heart to be used in Instagram Live. The ring feature hasn’t been announced yet, and is expected to accompany a larger Pride release feature later this week.

Up until now, the Stories notifier ring has been limited to red and green – red for everyone to view, and green for close friends only. This new ring colour may open the door for different coloured rings for lots of different events, or help users find more relevant content in their Stories list.

Perhaps under the threat of the enduring popularity of TikTok and Instagram Stories, Snapchat is looking to recoup some of this audience by brokering deals with major music labels to allow Snap users to add songs to their snaps.

According to two industry sources, Snapchat has been in negotiations with the big three music companies – Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group to establish a catalogue of songs for the app.

TikTok already enables users to add songs to their clips, and this is potentially part of the reason why the platform is so popular as current songs can be utilized in various ways, most often for comedic effect. TikTok is stealing a generation of users from Snapchat, and this is a clear attempt to win their audience back – if it will work remains to be seen.

Love Island is back on on screens next week and you can’t possibly watch without knowing the cast’s Insta handles…

Tommy Fury: Younger brother of Tyson, his feed showcases his daily life as a boxer at @tommytntfury

Lucie Donlan: A surfer chick who is eerily reminiscent of Laura last year, Lucie’s Instagram is @lucierosedonlan

Anton Danyluk: Scottish heartthrob Anton is a gym nut, and you can check out his prowess at @anton_danyluk

Yewanda Biala: A stunning scientist, Yolanda has been influencing for a long time at @yewande_biala

Joe Garratt: Or is that Eyal? Find out at @josephgarratt

Amy Hart: Another air hostess (just like Laura last year, anybody else sensing a pattern here?) Amy documents her jetset lifestyle at @amyhartxo

Callum MacLeod: Had his Instagram on private before it was announced, and actually looks like a nice bloke. This will mean he’s out at the first recoupling, but have a look at @callum_macleod

Amber Gill: A beauty therapist on a mission to find love, check out Amber’s snaps at @amberrosegill

Curtis Pritchard: We know him from his baby-faced brother on Strictly, but Curtis is about to break into his own – keep up to date at @curtispritchard12

Anna Vakili: Dubbed ‘The British Kim Kardashian’, Anna shows of her fab outfits at @annavakili_

Sharif Lanre: Chef and rugby player (great combo Lanre) can be found at @sherife_lanre

Michael Griffiths: Fireman Michael can’t post about his job online, so go look at his gym pics @mac_griffiths_

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