The Week We Said Goodbye To Grumpy Cat

Goodbye, Grumpy Cat

Goodbye, Grumpy Cat

Today, the world was saddened by the news that Grumpy Cat, the OG feline internet sensation, has passed away aged seven.

Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, rose to fame back in 2012 when pictures of her started circulating online. She quickly became one of the most widely-shared and recognisable memes of all time, used by fans and brands alike.

Tabitha Bundesen, Grumpy’s owner, said her facial expression was caused by feline dwarfism and an underbite. The famous feline travelled the world making TV appearances, starred in her own Christmas film in 2014 and has over 2m Instagram followers.

We’ll miss you, Grumpy.


ALDI Just Invented Square Sausages…

This week, the media world went mad for Aldi’s announcement that the supermarket brand has invented “Sausedges” – square sausages that are perfect for a sarnie,

Then, the social media world got mad – as Scots rallied to point out that square sausages have existed for… a while.

Lidl, Aldi’s main competitor, won the internet with the above Tweet. And Aldi wasn’t Lidl’s only target this week – the German supermarket sensation also got Kyle Jenner with this incredible reaction to her new skincare range.

Celeb Dad Of The Year!

Votes Are Open For Clas Ohlson Celeb Dad Of The Year!

This week, the shortlist for Frank client Clas Ohlson’s prestigious Celebrity Dad Of The Year 2019 award was revealed.

Ten inspiring men chosen by the public are candidates in the runnings to win the sought-after prize, including royal dad Prince William, DJ and comedian Chris Ramsey, dancer and TV presenter Ashley Banjo and Fitness Coach Joe Wicks.

With every top media outlet writing about it, fans across the UK are casting their votes – with only two weeks left to go, make sure you get voting!

Disney Road Signs

Disney Teams Up With Road Sign Designer In Road Safety Campaign

Move over King of the Road – there’s a new (adorable) road safety campaign to teach kids about the dangers of speeding cars when they make their way to school.

Disney has teamed up with road safety organisation, Brake, and the original designer of British road signs to create a new series of signs that feature all your favourite Disney characters.

Mickey Mouse and his friends are making a stand about road safety with their well-known silhouettes making an appearance on new special edition road signs in a bid to educate children on the rules of the road.

Although these won’t actually be appearing on the roads, the popular characters including Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse aim to teach kids about road safety on display in classrooms and nurseries to inspire children to take care on the roads.

Daisy May Cooper

Daisy May Cooper Wears a Bin Bag To The BAFTAs

This Country star Daisy May Cooper definitely made a statement on the red carpet as she opted for a slightly different take on the dress code at this year’s BAFTAs.

Instead of donning a glitzy Gucci gown, Daisy rocked up in a bin bag, complete with a dustbin fascinator, tin can clutch bag and train of empty food wrappers, to highlight the very important issue of food wastage. She definitely got the message through loud and clear as she dominated the red carpet headlines the following day.

Daisy generously donated what she would have spent on an expensive dress to a number of charities, including a local food bank. Nice move!

Football Fans

Travel Republic Offer Emergency Evacuation From Madrid For Football Fans

Travel Republic has announced they will give Arsenal, Man Utd and Man City fans the chance to change any travel plans they had to Madrid for 1st June following Liverpool and Spurs’ success in reaching the Champions League final.

The travel company expected fans of rival clubs will want to escape the Spanish city as it’s estimated more than 50,000 smug Liverpool and Spurs fans will descend on Madrid for the big day, and as a result have offered alternative European trips to escape as far away from Madrid as possible.

An emergency email address has been set up to help out fans seeking to divert their travels. New Zealand might come as a welcome alternative, being the furthest destination away possible from the Spanish football ground!

New And Old

Instagram Testing New And Old “Likes”

Although there are rumours of Instagram getting rid of the ‘like’ function entirely, it was revealed this week that Instagram is testing out an option that would separate new and old likes on posts, allowing the creator to see the latest activity easily.

This would enable more insight and allow targeting of recent interactions to define the specific audience appeal of each post.

Instagram creators also might have access to a new chart showing new followers and unfollows over time, which could help to pinpoint any particularly divisive posts.

There has been a significant online drive for Instagram to change the functionality of the platform by getting rid of the like button and the competitive edge this brings, and it is interesting to see that Instagram is focussing on this area, as there is clearly room for improvement.

BUPA Social Media

BUPA Gets Real About Social Media

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s important to highlight how impactful social media can be in terms of everyday life and user’s mental health. A survey by BUPA noted that one in ten Brits believe some of their major life milestones are ruined by social media, as they believe their experience doesn’t look as good as somebody else’s on social media.

Sadly, some respondents even reported feeling upset or down after looking at someone else’s event pictures – this being especially prevalent when looking at other’s experiences of motherhood, starting a new job or getting a promotion. The glamorisation of motherhood has been a hot topic this week with the new Louis Theroux documentary, and social media is especially culpable in creating a picture-perfect image of something that many women find traumatic.

The study also found that when a respondent was feeling particularly low, they are even more susceptible to comparing themselves to someone else’s snap. Remember – not everything on social media is real!

Fake News!

Fake News!

Even though this week WhatsApp itself reported a possible spyware breach in its own software, it is also not invincible against fake news being circulated on its own platform.

Metro Bank was a particular victim of this, showcasing how quickly a rumour on a social media platform can have a devastating real-life effect. On Saturday morning, a rumour began circulating on WhatsApp specifically that Metro Bank was facing a Northern Rock-style collapse, and soon the bank’s branches were queued out – full of people trying to empty accounts and deposits. This also caused a nine per cent tumble in the company’s share price by Monday morning.

Even though fake news is commonly associated with Facebook, the issue is more severe on WhatsApp as due to the encrypted end-to-end messaging, the service can’t see what is being said on its platform and in turn cannot ban or block repeat perpetrators. The forward function on WhatsApp is also to blame for incredibly easy sharing, making the growth of an issue like Metro Bank happen exceedingly fast.

Mallory Bourn

Mallory Bourn

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