The Week Frank Had A Whopper Win

Burger King

Frank Appointed As Burger King’s Agency Of Record

Burger King has named Frank as its retained UK PR agency after a four-way competitive pitch – and we have to say we’re a little excited about it.

Frank has already executed its first campaign for the brand – working with Coolr and BBH last month on Whopper Day – which saw almost 100 pieces of coverage and the Burger King app becoming #1 on the App Store on launch day.


Carling New Pint Glasses

Carling’s Un-beer-lievable New Pint Glasses

Carling has just made getting a round in at the pub easier than ever with new specially designed pint glasses. The game-changing interlocking design means you can safely carry up to four pints at a time back to your table.

The glasses also have also been revamped to help keep pints fresher for longer, and Carling claims that embossed letters helps create a “tactile grip”, making the drinks easier to carry.

The new glasses are available in thousands of pubs across the country, including chains like Wetherspoons and Greene King, in time for the first May Bank Holiday weekend. We’ll certainly be trying them out.

Canary Wharf Arts + Events

Step Aside Kindles, Smart Phones And Candy Crush

It it crime or comedy that tickles your fancy? Or how about a classic tale from novel novices such as Agatha Christie or Charles Dickens?

Canary Wharf Arts + Events is encouraging commuters to read their favourite tales on their travels, and have installed vending machines that print out free short stories at Jubilee Place, Churchill Place, and Crossrail Place Roof Garden.

The tale dispenser has a great selection on offer from romance right through to science fiction. Commuters have the option to pick bitesize tales that are one, three or five-minutes long.

Get reading, folks!

LEGO Launches Braille Bricks

LEGO Launches Braille Bricks

In a bid to make reading more fun and inclusive for visually impaired children, LEGO has launched Braille bricks.

The nostalgic bricks have been reimagined to have letters and numbers – so now children without sight can play and learn at the same time. Each set will contain 250 bricks, including the alphabet, numbers and mathematical symbols.

The bricks were piloted in a few UK schools and will hopefully be introduced to more schools, and blindness charities from next year.

Great work, LEGO.

Snap It Up!

Snap It Up!

Snapchat is partnering with Shopify, which means merchants will be able to buy ad space on Snapchat, and then manage their campaigns – all from the comfort of Shopify’s platform.

For Snap, that means mainline access into Shopify’s 800,000 merchant vendors, which should bring with it a welcomed increase in ad spend. It also opens the brand to SMEs with neither the budget to support an agency strategy, nor the marketing expertise to execute sophisticated campaigns in-house.

But it’s not just a win for Snapchat; access to Snap’s younger audience demographics should have commercial relevance for Shopify’s partner businesses too, who tend to create bespoke, creatively-inspired content that would hold more direct appeal to younger users.

It comes at the right time for Snapchat, as it’s some helpful external buy-in, alongside a commercial boom.


Facebook: Looking Mighty Fine!

Facebook is reputed to be staring down an up-to-$5bn fine by the US FTC, as a result of alleged privacy breaches. This comes on the back of a challenging newsflow period for the company, which hasn’t done much to halt the relentless growth in the company’s ad revenues, which were up 26% year on year for Q1-19.

As part of the quarterly release, Zuck reiterated his aspiration to integrate the company’s various platforms into one better-encrypted system. He called it the ‘digital equivalent of the living room’ as he talked about how this platform might look; private interactions; encryption; reducing permanence of social media content and safety.

Tomorrow’s Facebook looks to be a safer one.

Linkedin Engagement

Linkedin Engagement Continues To Rise

LinkedIn revenue is up 27% on the previous quarter, tracking record levels of engagement. On-platform sessions are also up by 24%, and the user-base is now 610m people.

All the growth metrics are extremely robust, meaning this platform is earning an ever-more-valid place in the digital ‘paid’ ecosystem. It’s hard to tell how active these users are, as parent company Microsoft is reticent to release such juicy titbits, but it seems likely that even with a quarter of users being regularly active, the platform has more addressable significance than Twitter.

As Facebook reach decays, Microsoft is clearly amplifying the innovation coming out of LinkedIn to capitalise on this ever-growing slice of the digital marketing wallet.

Melissa’s Wardrobe

Melissa’s Wardrobe

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