The Week That We All Lived Our Best Life

Best Life café

Living Your Best Life Café and Podcast 

After enjoying six exciting weeks of the new Direct Line podcast Living Your Best Life with Saira Khan, last week Direct Line opened a Living Your Best Life café, allowing EVERYONE to live their best life for a whole day at Café Momo!

Some would ask what living your best life would entail? Well, an array of experts took to the Best Life Café, where they offered free sessions to the public, including laughing yoga, restorative yoga, sleep method yoga, art lessons, decluttering session, relationship and general life coaching. The Best Life Café did not end there, there was also the option to have a cuddle with some lovely bunnies to lower your stress levels whilst also enjoying a delicious, nutritious Happy Bunny Smoothie, really giving the public the opportunity to live their best life!

Direct Line allows people to live more of their best lives by offering quick, efficient service – meaning users don’t need to worry about their daily lives being interrupted. If you happened to miss the Best Life Café, all is not lost, the Living Your Best Life with Saira Khan six-part Podcast series is still available if you still want to start living your best life.

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent Smoothies Is Getting Blue In The Face About Something..

The team at Innocent have just launched a blue smoothie… or have they?

Since Innocent launched “Bolt From The Blue” there has been a number questions on social media as to whether it’s blue, is green, or even turquoise.

One Twitter user’s suggestion was Blueen… but Innocent is having none of it, with the brand’s social media team coming back to any queries with the same answer: IT IS BLUE.

Innocent’s hilariously blunt and slightly sarcastic responses are getting some great engagement on social, showing how to create some real talkability around a product!

Blue, green, turquoise, teal… we don’t know either, the only thing we do know is that we want to try it!


Adidas Launches Shoes That Are Made To Be Recycled

Adidas has just launched the first running shoe that is made to be recycled. The FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is the first running shoe launched by the sports brand that can be made into another shoe, once the owner no longer wants them.

Adidas has made a commitment to combat the plastic waste that is plaguing society at the moment, thus, the shoes use just one material and there is no glue, making them so easy to recycle! But Adidas doesn’t stop here, the bramd will be producing 11 million pairs of shoes with Ocean Plastic® by Parley, by using the plastic waste on beaches to create environmentally conscious fashion.

We for one think that this is an amazing step by Adidas to show that fashion can be reusable and recyclable whilst still appealing to the mass market!

Facebook Swipe-Scroll

Facebook Looks to Launch Swipe-Scroll Format to Feed

Facebook has just announced that it’s looking to add a ‘side-scroll’ feature to the Facebook News Feed, to enable users to interact with feed content just like they do with Stories. The hope is that this new evolution will help harmonise user behaviour between Stories and Feeds. It’s possible that this would unite Feed and Stories content into one stream. We’ll have to wait and see how users interact with the new feature, which is currently in testing. All the data suggests that engagement with Stories trumps Feed, watch this space!

Creator Profiles

Snapchat Influencer Profile Development

Snapchat has recently conjured ‘Creator Profiles’ where influencers are able to share a different layout to other users on the platform, viewable if you tap on the profile name and/or image. For a platform which in the past has been about connecting people and friends, irrespective of their status, celebrity or account popularity (everyone has access to the same platform, where you can only see followers, not likes), this ‘Creator Profile’ may feel like a departure from this user-neutrality. Not providing a verified-style profile for influencers however, has proven thorny, as social platforms are their shop-fronts, and partnerships depend on such manicured screen real-estate. When Instagram Stories debuted, many influencers simply upped shop instead. This addition may be an attempt from Snapchat to bring some of the influencers back.

Mindful Scrolling

Mindful Scrolling

In an attempt to combat mental health issues related to social media, Instagram is experimenting with removing the ‘like’ count from posts. It is generally thought that the ‘like’ option creates a status/popularity contest creating an online hierarchy which distracts from the what should be the main focus – what you’re sharing, not how many likes it gets.

Instead of endless unproductive scrolling, Instagram wants to encourage a more active, engaged and ultimately mindful way of using the platform. Instagram has also become known for users posting distorted and heavily edited photos in order to portray hyper-perfected bodies and lives. Considering the majority of users are under 34 and Instagram has been said to be the worst social media platform in terms of mental health – anxiety and depression – then perhaps removing likes is a step in the right direction to lessen Instagram’s negative psychological reputation.



Madamelena is an influencer that we’ve been following for a while. Her beautifully curated pink hued instagram provides her followers with some amazing inspiration in the realms of fashion, lifestyle and travel.

As well as the great outfit and lifestyle content, it’s her travel pictures are giving us serious envy, with fabulous content from all over the globe. As well as some eye-wateringly stunning locations in London, that make us all want to go exploring on the next bank holiday!

With a few brand partnerships already, including the London Eye and The Body Shop, Lena is definitely one to watch!