The Week That ŠKODA Celebrates Individuality


Driven By Something Different?…

In a celebration of individuality and what happens when amazing music styles come together, Frank client ŠKODA has partnered with five unique musical artists making waves in their own genres for its latest UK brand campaign.

ŠKODA’s new campaign continues the story of its Driven by Something Different approach, which champions individuality and self-confidence; attributes shared by its customers.

Paloma Faith has joined forces with British artists from different musical genres including classical, pop-rock and grime, to reprise Sammy Davis Jnr’s 1968 track I’ve Gotta Be Me —with each artist releasing their own version.

The new advert that comes as part of the campaign explores five unique scenes featuring different ŠKODA models including the Fabia, Karoq, Kodiaq vRS and the new Scala, which launches in the UK this summer.

Twisted Strawberry

Twisted Strawberry Takes UK Supermarkets By Storm

The zero calories flavour, which has proven to be very popular in the US, has now made its way over to the UK… finally!

This week, Frank announced that Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry was hitting shelves across the UK is now available in all major supermarkets – including Morrisons, Tesco and Asda.

With coverage in the likes of Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star, Pretty52, Cosmopolitan and more, it’s clear that there’s an appetite for this fruity treat.

Twisted Strawberry is proving to be very popular in the UK so far, with some fans even commenting “just hook it to my veins please”.


Quasimodo Embraces Notre-Dame In Touching Tribute To Paris After Fire

The Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris made headlines this week, after the iconic monument went up in flames. The cause of the fire came from the restoration work which had recently taken place in the building.

Artists and creatives have taken to social media to pay tribute to the famous landmark. A piece by artist Cristina Correa Freile has gone viral – the illustration depicts the Hunchback of Notre-Dame (Quasimodo) hugging the building. The emotional Instagram post has had over 195k likes so far!

The Notre-Dame cathedral will hopefully be re-built, restoring some of the city’s amazing history.



EU copyright legislation is being updated after 18 [blissfully dormant] years, and it has big implications for what we’ll all be able to post to social media and sharing sites.

On 15th April, 27 member states voted to approve ‘Article 13’, which Google believes will ‘change the web as we know it’. Creators are concerned because service providers like YouTube may be deemed financially liable if users upload copyrighted video or music. Each country will decide when it actually gets enacted, and there’s furious lobbying taking place across the internet!

Oh, and FYI, it’s also been called the “meme ban” because nobody knows whether memes (LOLs based on copyrighted imagery) will be regulated away.

Movie Night

Forget ‘Movie Night’; Just Hang Out On Your Phone Instead!

Instagram has just announced it’s testing a new communal video-viewing function.

That means you’d be able to view your followers’/friends’ real-time reactions and get instant feedback. There’d be a split-screen view and you’d have the option to apply cool AR-style filters to your face should you fancy looking slightly/totally different that day.

You could also then watch Instagram videos together whilst gauging your friend’s reactions. At the moment you can share the movie experience with one friend but that may change in the future.

Fake It 'Til You Make It

Simulate Work In Order To Gain Work….

Studies have observed that when younger age groups are asked ‘what they want to do when they grow up’, a large number aspire ‘to be an influencer’.

As such, it should come as no surprise in a market which is hugely saturated that more and more want to be influencers are faking it to make it! People are faking sponsorships and brand partnerships in order to become actual influencers.

From a marketing perspective, larger budgets are being spent on influencers and young kids want to be a part of that livelihood and lifestyle. Anyone with an account can append the hashtags #AD or #SPON, or indeed tag brands and paid partnerships in posts. Agencies must start digging a little deeper to find out whether these partnerships are indeed real, and whether the apparent credentials of ‘partnership’ hold true!

Liv Effia

Liv Effia

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