The Week That Game Of Thrones Graces Our Screens

GOT Oreos

Eat Your Feelings with GoT Oreos

This week, the world has gone crazy for Game of Thrones returning for its eight and final season – you can hardly pick up a magazine or scroll through Twitter without seeing Jon Snow’s face plastered everywhere.

Oreo capatilised on the hype, releasing themed cookies which encourage fans to pick a house to pledge their support to.

The limited edition snacks were first teased in February and hit shelves in this week. The perfect tasty treat to much on while binging the new season, or stock up and drown your sorrows in Oreos when Game of Thrones comes to an end.

To mark the launch of the cookies, the brand recreated the iconic GoT opening scene and we have to say, it’s epic.

So, are you Team Lannister, Stark or Targaryen? Tweet #GameofCookies to get involved.

GOT Sickie

Culture Trip Reveals 3.1 Million Brits Plan to Pull a Sickie After GoT All-Nighters

At Frank, we’re big fans of the Game of Thrones mania, and this week worked with Culture Trip to reveal that  3.1 million of us are planning to call in sick on Monday after staying up for the 2am premiere of Season 8.

Westeros also came out as the top fantasy holiday destination, beating competition from Wakanda and Pandora, and you can find out more about Culture Trip’s guide to Game of Thrones here.

Lush Social Media

Lush Gives Up on UK Social Accounts

It was announced this week that Lush would be shutting down all of its UK social media accounts. North America will continue to have a social presence, but the UK will now focus on Lush owned platforms and comms, such as the website and CRM marketing.

The aim is to drive more conversations via live chat, and to develop Lush personalities who will be advocates of the brand. In a statement, the brand said “Increasingly, social media is making it harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly. We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed. We want social to be more about passions and less about likes.”

Snapchat Expands

Snapchat Expands Its Offering

Snap has just relaunched an Android app, and launched new features set to take the brand on a new path. One of the most recent launches has been the Bitmoji Party game. This is the first Snap owned game to launch on Snapchat, and essentially unlocks a set of multiplayer games. These include a racing game, and a zombie focused game.

Another update, which might be a turning point for Snapchat, is the ability to share your Stories to other platforms. This will be in the effort to combat the copycat functions that competitive brands have built so far. Interestingly, Tinder is one of the platforms you can share to and with over 3.8 million users this could be interesting.

Snap is also launching Landmarkers, which uses point cloud data from user-submitted Our Stories of major landmarks to power animated AR transformations of famous places.

UK Social Media Crackdown

The UK Is Cracking Down on Social Media Platforms

Following the recent legislation in Australia, the UK is now setting up new regulations to ensure social media platforms take responsibility for content regulation.

Fines, site blocks and prosecution of senior management is set to occur to companies who fail to remove abusive, violent and/or terrorist related content from their platforms. The government suggests that platforms may be forced to introduce fact-checking services, particularly during election periods.

This is also off the back of campaign groups who have said that fake news is damaging democracy, and the lack of regulation in general is damaging people’s mental health.


YouTube Follows in The Steps of Netflix

YouTube has scaled back its original scripted content to focus on interactive viewing and live specials of content on the platform – and opened up a unit to focus solely on developing interactive solutions.

Ben Relles, formerly Head of Unscripted Programming will be leading this, and exploring how the tools can set the floor for multi-layered stories.



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