The Week That Frank and Huawei Brought The Northern Lights To London

Huawei Brings The Northern Lights To London

On Thursday Evening, Londoners thought they caught a glimpse of the Northern Lights above the Tower of London, but were their eyes deceiving them?

No, they weren’t. The impressive spectacle was in fact the work of Frank and Huawei. The global technology leader commissioned immersive artist Dan Acher to recreate a bespoke installation of the Aurora Borealis, which occurs most prominently near the Northern and Southern poles, using a series of breath-taking lasers and haze.

The installation was created to celebrate the new Huawei P30 Pro handset, which features unparalleled photography capabilities that can capture stunning detail and vibrant colour, even in low-level light.

With dozens of pieces of coverage, including ITV News, Daily Mail, Time Out, the installation has captured the attention of the nation – so, if you can’t afford a trip to Iceland this year, head down to Tower of London as the London Lights will be shining above the monument for another two nights…

Giant Boob Takeover

You may (or may not) have noticed that giant inflatable breasts started popping up around the capital this week.

The stunt formed part of the #FreeTheFeed campaign by tech firm, Elvie, to fight stigma around breastfeeding and pumping in public. The boobs also came in different sizes and skin tones to represent a diverse range of women.

The inflatables were positioned in East London, Liverpool Street, Brick Lane and Shoreditch, and definitely got people talking about an important and stupidly-taboo subject.

Best of April Fool’s

Best of April Fool’s

Several brands had a crack at April Fool’s this year and they did not disappoint. Here’s a small round up of the best wind ups.

By popular demand, and after years of anti-crust feedback, Deliveroo Australia offered ‘crust-free pizza’. The Italian staple will no longer be available with crusts meaning the controversial edges of pizza are no more.

Sainsbury’s announced the UK’s first pink avocados, yes, pink avocados, ready to “guac” your world.

BMW took solar power one step further and created ‘lunar paint’ which has the power to charge your electric car at night.

Coleman’s launched Mustard Custard, combining the beautiful flavours of mustard and custard, the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday roast.

A Minute On The Internet

An infographic has been released to showcase how many actions are taken across key websites in just one minute.

This looks at Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger/WhatsApp, Netflix, Amazon, and more.

We’ll let the stats do the talking – but prepare to be blown away.

What Is Houseparty?

There’s a new(ish) app around town, and it’s one schoolkids are all using at the moment. It’s essentially a video chat app, that allows you to play virtual games with your friends.

You might have previously known it as Meerkat. It’s now an entirely new concept and audience, but using them same tech.

The app has just announced that their COO Sima Sistani, who co-founded the app has been promoted to CEO, making her one of very few women to run a venture-backed social networking company.

Go Sima!

Australia Have Passed A Violent Content Law

Post the Christchurch attack, Australia have decided to make social media platforms accountable for violent content that sits on their websites. This is after the attack spread on social media faster than it could be removed.

This new law has been described as a world-first, and essentially threatens jail for executives. It’s been met with anger from the tech industry, media companies and legal experts – let’s see where this goes next.


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