The Week that Clas Ohlson’s Celebrity Mum of the Year 2019 was Announced


Roxanne Hoyle, AKA LadBaby Mum, Crowned Celeb Mum 2019

This week, Frank client Clas Ohlson was excited to announce the winner of this year’s Celebrity Mum of the Year award.

Hundreds of thousands of people voted for their favourite famous mums,  from A-Listers including Holly Willoughby and Cheryl, and even royalty with Kate Middleton also up for the award, it was the wife of internet sensation and social media prankster LadBaby who claimed the crown.

Clas Ohlson treated Roxanne to an early Mother’s Day afternoon tea celebration at The Shard – complete with the family’s favourite, sausage rolls of course!

So far, the campaign has resulted in national media coverage and over a million social engagements… and the winner was only announced yesterday!

Nando's Billboards

Where The Cluck Are Those Billboards? 

If you are partial to a cheeky Nando’s and, let’s face it, who isn’t – then you could be in luck.

This week Nando’s challenged its customers to celebrate their loyalty card scheme with a chance for a free meal. Don’t get too excited though – to be in with a chance of winning you first have to go on a little adventure to find and tear down a giant “loyalty card” on their billboards, in order to redeem your freebie chicken.

Nando’s has already released some of the billboard locations, but don’t fret as you still have time. The company will be posting hints on its social channels about where to find a billboard, so the hunt is on for Nando’s fans across the UK. Nando’s have created this campaign to remind customers that they could already be munching on free food after 1.8 million rewards are left unclaimed on company loyalty cards.

Geography For Dummies

Don’t Throw Stones In A Glass House

On Monday Ryanair was feeling cheeky and decided to try capitalise off British Airways’ blunder of sending a flight destined to Dusseldorf to Edinburgh instead. BA blamed the gaffe on WDL mistakenly repeating the same flight plan from the day before, telling the pilots the plane was bound for Edinburgh, which led to passengers expecting to arrive in Dusseldorf receiving a shock when greeted by “Welcome to Edinburgh” over the intercom.

BA competitor Ryanair attempted to poke fun at its aviation enemy’s blunder, tweeting a picture of a book titled ‘Geography for Dummies’ to BA. However, this was a move which provoked many  on Twitter. Ryanair has made multiple, and much more serious, mistakes of its own in recent months leading the public to turn the joke around on the budget brand, sharing pictures of ‘Customer Service for Dummies’.

Lesson of the day: “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”.

Summer In A Tube

Summer In A Tube

If you weren’t already craving some summer sun, you will be now! Glossier has launched its latest product, the Balm Dotcom in Mango. The new product was launched on Instagram and is as juicy as you would imagine.

The beauty brand sent out product bags to influencers with not only their tasty new product but even included real mangos and limited edition mango stickers – and every order comes with the mango stickers. The internet went fruity for the product after the release of the branded video this week saying you receive ‘the perfect mango every time’.

If you weren’t in the market for a new balm then you will be now. Hats off to you Glossier, our summer envy has just doubled.

Checkout On Instagram

Instagram Launches ‘Checkout On Instagram’ Function

This is currently only available to 23 accounts, and to people in the US, but essentially allows a quick checkout.

If this is rolled out, the shopping experience will become a new experience all together, as sell-through rates are likely to increase exponentially. Instagram will also be taking a commission from these sales, which should see its revenue increase rather noticeably.

Instagram Video Scrubbing Tool

Instagram Is Testing A Video Scrubbing Tool

It’s likely that video views will increase off the back of this, as users will be able to essentially fast-forward to the point that they want to watch. This will make it more difficult for businesses to determine whether this has truly increased their video views, or if it’s comparable to past data.

Twitter Takeover

Twitter Took Over A User’s Account

Well known marketer Matt Navarra allowed Twitter to take over his account for a day, and the results caused mixed feelings. Twitter shared content suggesting that the brand had read Matt’s DMs, causing privacy complaints to flood in.


Although this was intended as a fun PR moment, the network failed to be relevant in conversation and touched on user sensitivities.

A Missing Ring

A Missing Ring Has Caused A Social Media Frenzy

Gloucestershire Police have been on the hunt for a missing replica ring from Lord of the Rings. Social media users instantly boarded the banter bus, replying to the police force with puns and GIFs – there were over 3,000 witty responses from the public.



We’re seeing double and we are loving it! These London based twins not only give us seriously fashion envy, but their travel pictures will have you booking your next holiday faster than you can say “twins.”

The pair have a loyal following of 59,500 and, having featured in the likes of Vogue, Elle UK and Grazia, these ladies not only offer fashion and travel tips but they also DJ, appearing at multiple fashion shows and launches.

We are definitely keeping our eyes on these two and their next tips for our spring fashion and travel!