The Week Everyone Became A Winner

Cheltenham Horses


You’re at the races, you’ve looked at the odds, worn your lucky underwear, listened to your mate’s advice who’s all of a sudden become a race horse trainer and…your horse comes in last. We’ve all been there – it’s not really a reason to celebrate, until now.

To mark its presence at the Cheltenham races, Magners has introduced a special prize to turn that frown upside down. The brand will be offering the lucky loser of each race the opportunity to swap a losing ticket for a case of Magners Original Irish Cider. Pretty cool.

If you’ve decided a case of cider sounds more up your street than a real winning ticket, then don’t rely on your mate’s advice this time, Magners have teamed up with previous Gold Cup winner jockey, Andrew Thornton to share his tips on how to choose a loser. It’s like your mum always used to tell you – it’s the taking part that counts.

Game Of Thrones


The world’s most anticipated TV show is returning for its final series on April 14th and to celebrate, HBO is inviting you to track down the six thrones that have been hidden in secret locations across the world.

We know what you’re thinking, where would you even begin? The world’s a pretty big place. Well, fear not – we haven’t been left completely in the dark thanks to the ForTheThrone website. Head on over to find clues on how to track the thrones’ whereabouts – but be quick, as super fans Alex Bowring and Tom Maullin-Sapey have already claimed the first one in the Forest of Dean. Better get a move on though, as there’s only 13 days to complete your quest and “claim the throne”. So, how far will you go?



Picture this – you’re a kid at an American school, you’re in a history class, you open your textbook and see pages and pages of reports on the conflicts and victories that have helped shape the country you know today. Which is great, but you also see a lot of men. Men in uniform. Fellas with long beards. Guys in top hats. Now, we’re not taking away from the great work done by men/guys/fellas, but where are all the gals at?

Introducing, ‘Herstory’, an app that uses augmented reality to educate users on key female figures that the textbooks have forgotten about. To use it, just scan a phone over an image of a male historical figure in a textbook and it will unlock a story from an important female figure in that time period. The app has been launched by Daughters of the Evolution to celebrate Women’s History Month and we at Frank think it’s great.

Girl power!

Synchronised Swimming


Ever tried synchronised swimming in a pool full of plastic? Neither have we, but that’s what British synchronised swimmers Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe did. In an effort to highlight one of the world’s most pressing environmental concerns, the swimmers took to the swimming pool to take on the challenge of performing their World Championship routine amongst floating plastic bottles, containers, toiletries and carrier bags, all the nasty stuff.

Unsurprisingly, they both became tangled in the plastics and struggled to perform their usually effortless routine, experiencing first-hand the struggles turtles and other sea life face every day. The challenge was created by The Big Bang Fair to highlight how we can use science and engineering to combat the problem of plastic pollution.

Great work girls.



Head to Farouk James’ Instagram account – but be prepared for major hair envy.


With the help of his mum Bonnie, he’s built a loyal following of 234,000. Farouk and Bonnie are Surrey-based and the page mainly consists of showing off Farouk’s enviable locks to the world but seriously, wouldn’t you? He’s a cool little dude who, at the age of 8, has already walked in Tokyo Fashion Week and got the Daily Mail talking about him. Pretty impressive. For now, we’d just like the name of the shampoo he uses.