The Week That Tim Apple Was Born

The President Will See You Now, Mr. Apple

Donald Trump added to his list of mistaken identity gaffes by referring to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, as “Tim Apple” while sitting next to him at a White House meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. Most people found the slip up rather humorous, with Tim Cook even changing his twitter handle to ‘Tim Apple’ to get in on the joke and take advantage of the comedic situation. However, the President wasn’t as amused with the situation, clarifying that he referred to Mr. Cook as “Tim Apple” in order to save time and words.

We at Frank love this, as it is a great example of reactive PR by Tim Cook to capitalise on an unexpected opportunity for press coverage, leading us to start referring to him as ‘Tim Agendaneering’ (to save time of course).

Room on the Broom – A Magical Journey

We’ve had a busy week at Frank, launching Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s latest attraction, ‘Room on the Broom – A Magical Journey’. The new addition to the Surrey theme park and zoo invites families on a spellbinding adventure to see Julia Donaldson’s beloved children book brought to life, following in the footsteps of the Resort’s Gruffalo River Ride Adventure.

Families are invited to visit the enchanted library and embark on their own spellbinding adventure. As the stormy wind blows, sending Witch’s hat, bow and wand tumbling to the ground, parents and children alike will have to search high and low in trees, fields and reeds helping Dog, Bird and Frog on their way to find the lost belongings. Guests need to watch out though for a fearsome foe, Dragon, who fancies ‘Witch and chips’ for his tea!

The star-studded launch was attended by over 400 media and celebrities, including the likes of Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Frankie and Wayne Bridge, David Mitchell, Shayne Ward and Sophie Austin, to name a few!

We’ve already seen national coverage in the likes of The Daily Star, The Sun, Mail Online and Daily Star Online with everyone itching to visit the magical new addition. So, what are you waiting for?

Barbie Looked Gold, Not Old, On Her 60thBirthday

Barbie recently celebrated her 60th birthday and to help her celebrate this great milestone, over 50s dating app Lumen reimagined the timeless Barbie doll as a real 60-year-old woman.

Since Barbie’s birth in 1959, she has come under fairly steady criticism for her super skinny frame, blonde hair and white skin not being entirely accurate or representative of women around the world. Mattel, Barbie’s parent company, has since brought out Barbies with various body shapes, skin tones and physical disabilities to be more inclusive, although has never brought out an older-looking Barbie.

Lumen changed that when they reimagined Barbie, 60, and her husband Ken, 57, in a photoshoot, utilising natural lighting and no airbrushing to highlight that being over 50 by no means mean that you’re no longer as beautiful as when you were 20-something.

Kudos to Lumen for its in-touch campaign, playfully utilising the iconic brand’s shortfalls to highlight the fact that their users should be confident in their own skin and embrace their age: 60 is the new 20!

Nice Work, Tesla

This week Tesla unveiled the newest addition to its range of electric cars: The Model Y.

Tesla unveilings usually generate quite the coverage storm, with the Model Y’s unveiling being no exception; however, this particular launch wasn’t necessarily because of the car itself.

Tesla’s invite to the unveiling event included an enigmatic image of the new Model Y cast in shadows in order to hide its specific design and features. Knowing there would be curious cats out there who couldn’t wait for the full unveiling, Tesla hid a secret message in the shadows which read “Nice Try” that became visible once the brightness and exposure of the image was increased.

This clever bit of design work proved that Tesla knows it’s a trendsetter and that anticipation for its latest products is so high people can’t even wait a few days to see their latest work. What’s more, it also humbled those who thought they could outsmart Tesla and ruin their prized enigma in a simple and effective way.

Snaps all round for Tesla. Brilliant.


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