The Week That Frank Unveiled A Special Statue

D-Day Story Museum

D-Day Story Museum

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Frank client D-Day Story Museum unveiled a statue made from 4,414 bullets, one for every soldier killed on June 6, 1944.

The statue has been created by artist Alfie Bradley and is modelled to look like Den Brotheridge, the first Allied Serviceman killed in the battle on June 6. The soldier’s form is crouching down as if to be throwing a grenade, but instead is about to release a dove, symbolising peace and acknowledging the soldiers’ deaths were not in vain.

The statue was unveiled on BBC Breakfast on Monday, and has picked up coverage across the country. The statue will travel around the country from Salford to Portsmouth and to Normandy where D-Day took place.

A Day In The Life Of Lord Sugar

A Day In The Life Of Lord Sugar

We’ve had an incredibly sweet (and busy) week, putting on two separate launch events for some of Lord Sugar’s most high-profile business investments.

First of all, Frank launched the new HQ of Susie Ma, who is the only runner-up on The Apprentice to ever receive an investment from Lord Sugar, skincare brand Tropic. Tropic is a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand, and Ma has managed to increase the size of their headquarters following a £4m investment due to its 198% increase in turnover since 2017! We’ve seen the massive new headquarters (over 48,000 square feet) and we are very jealous indeed.

Next, Frank headed to the gorgeous Sheesh in Chigwell for this year’s The Apprentice winner Sian Gabbidon’s swimwear brand, SianMarie, launch. Her stunning collection took centre stage, and was even modelled by some of the attendees including Love Island’s Georgia Steele!

Sian’s launch party enjoyed so many social media hits we can barely count them all – she was joined by Love Island stars like Dani Dyer, Hayley Hughes, Samira Mighty, Zara McDermott and of course Lord Sugar himself. The party was a sure-fire success, with Olly Murs, Mark Wright and the O’Donnell sisters posting incredible coverage all over Instagram.

Public Health England Launch

Public Health England Launches Smear Test Campaign To Raise Awareness And Attendance Of Cervical Screenings

With attendance at cervical screenings hitting a 20-year low, Public Health England has created a campaign designed to get more women to check they’re ok. This is a first for the government, which have never launched a nationwide national campaign centred around cervical screening before.

The campaign features real people thanking anyone and everyone (even their dogs!) for reminding them to attend their screening appointment. The advert also highlights the risk of cervical cancer – over 2,600 women each year are diagnosed with cervical cancer, with around 650 of that number dying from the disease.

The campaign primarily targets women age 24-34, as this age bracket has the lowest record when it comes to attending their screenings. Screening plays a large part in diagnosing and preventing cervical cancer becoming terminal early, and can even identify cells before they become cancerous, effectively halting the progress of the disease before it even starts.

The campaign is also being released on social media as well as more traditional outlets in an effort to tap in to the younger generation. We think this is an amazing and inspirational campaign, as it genuinely has the promise to save hundreds of lives in the UK every year.

The Rise of 'SOWAs'

The Rise of ‘SOWAs’ 

For International Women’s Day this year, Frank and Culture Trip released research uncovering a huge surge in the trend for female solo travel for this year.

With more independent women than ever looking forward to travelling the world for a solo adventure, Culture Trip dubbed these women ‘SOWAs’ – solo women adventurers. Research found that SOWAs are adventurous, bold, willing to take risks and are actually less bothered by how their holiday looks on insta than boys! If you haven’t seen the coverage, check out the 30+ pieces of coverage including Independent, MSN, Yahoo, and more…

IKEA Chocolate Bunny

IKEA Releases Flat-pack Chocolate Bunny!

IKEA has expanded its beloved flatpack range just in time for Easter – creating a flatpack chocolate bunny! This DIY bunny is made from pure milk chocolate, and will be sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike on Easter Day. The bunny comes in three component parts, so it’s easier to build than the average IKEA wardrobe – and even easier to dismantle and eat!

Because this is IKEA, the bunny is made from 100% certified cacao from sustainable sources, and the company has kept to its economical premise by offering this for only £2.95 – when can we get one, and is it acceptable to build/eat it before Easter? Asking for a friend…



Our lifestyle influencer of the week is Kelly Prince-Wright. Hailing from the south of England, Kelly is an avid traveller and even writes her own blog Kelly has over 13.5k followers, and regularly posts new pictures to her cotton candy-hued feed. Follow for some serious travel envy!

Kelly’s newest destinations on her feed are Munich, Ireland and Chamonix – and with trips to Amsterdam, Orlando and New Orleans in the works, this is an account perfect for some holiday inspo. Kelly posts stunning photos of her exotic destinations, and beautiful shots of the local cuisine which is giving us serious food envy.

You can even see all of Kelly’s past Instagram stories from the places she visits, as she has them saved in her highlights – perfect viewing for holiday plans.