The Week The PR Moment Award Nominations Were Revealed…

PR Moment Awards

Frank Up For Five

The shortlist for the PR Moment Awards 2019 was announced today – and Frank is up for not just one, but five awards:

Corporate Purpose Campaign of the Year – Rimmel #IWILLNOTBEDELETED
Consumer PR Campaign of the Year – Photobox #CrownFromTheCrowd
Content Campaign of the Year – Photobox #CrownFromTheCrowd
Culture, Media and Sport Campaign of the Year – Photobox #CrownFromTheCrowd
Not For Profit Campaign of the Year – Lewis Pugh #TheLongSwim

What a result for the team – we can’t wait for a night full of celebrations! Bring it on


Marshmello Did What?

American music producer and DJ Marshmello streamed a 10-minute long set to an audience just short of 10 million over the weekend – but this wasn’t any normal gig. Nope, it all took place within the incredibly popular game Fortnite.

The game’s developers disabled the use of weapons during the performance so gamers could rave away for the full 10 minutes without worrying about, ya know, dying.

The stream was also viewable on YouTube which meant an additional 17 million party-goers listened in. All in all, Marshmello’s headline act on Fortnite was the largest virtual concert to happen in the history of ever.

Woodstock, eat your heart out.


I Like Mine with a Hug…

Who would have thought that the most liked image on Instagram would be a picture of an egg? The egg, which made waves when it appeared at the start of the year, is more Insta-famous than anyone – but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, it was revealed that the @world_record_egg_ (aka Eugene) was actually part of PSA to raise awareness of mental health issues caused by social media. After the big game, Eugene started to crack, demonstrating the pressures social media can have on our mental health. Fair play…

We think it’s amazing – Eugene single handily captured all of our attention whilst raising awareness for the huge problem of social media and mental health.

Viewers are encouraged to visit to access mental health resources from across the globe.

Be more like Eugene.


The Beef Continues

Burger King fired shots at McDonald’s this week over the fact Maccie D’s lost its EU trademark for the use of “Big Mac”. This meant anyone could technically use the phrase without getting into trouble. Enter Burger King.

The “Not Big Macs” range hit Burger King’s menu this week, and customers around the world were confused as to why they could order a “Big Mac-ish But Flame-Grilled Of Course” burger without taking a step through the Golden Arches.

The stunt followed another recent dig at McDonald’s by BK, with the chain offering 1 cent Whoppers for anyone within walking distance from a Maccies.

Big Spuds

Big Spuds, Bigger Names…

If you bought a ticket for the Truck Festival this year, you may be about to receive the weirdest parcel ever.

The Oxfordshire based festival has been slowly revealing its headline acts via potatoes. Yep!

Festival revellers have been flocking to their social pages to upload pictures of potatoes they’ve received – with acts such as Wolf Alice, Foals and Two Door Cinema Club scribbled on them. The potatoes were paired alongside cards encouraging users to post to their social with the festival hashtag “#TruckPotato”

Weird? Genius? Or totally down right bananas – oops, I mean potatoes.

Magnus Ronning

Magnus Ronning

Magnus Ronning is a London-based fashion and lifestyle influencer with 184k followers on Instagram and 225k subscribers on YouTube.

Magnus launched his own clothing brand “Ronning” during the back end of last year and is already on track to smash 2019. He’s fresh off the runway, modelling for high-end fashion brands such as Liam Hodges and continues to be a rapidly growing UK fashion icon.

He’s also hilarious – you should definitely check out his videos – ironically commenting on the state of IG streetwear whilst being heavily involved in the scene himself.