The Week Influencers Had To Stop Taking Photos And Brush Up On Their Legal Knowledge

LEGO Movie 2 Pop-up Café

LEGO Movie 2 Pop-up Café

With the 2019 Oscar nominations being announced, The LEGO Movie 2 will already be eyeing up a nomination for the awards for Best Animated Feature Film in 2020.

To give the highly anticipated sequel one final push prior to release, lead role Emmet Brickowski, aka Chris Pratt, and Tiffany Haddish’s alter ego, Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi, opened up a pop-up cafe on London’s Southbank made from nothing but LEGO.

The lucky fans that managed to find their way to the front of the queue were greeted by the Hollywood stars, who were on hand to deliver customers a hot beverage from their coffee shop menu.

If you’ve ever felt proud after completing a LEGO replica set, then that’s about to be dashed. The LEGO Cafe took 236 hours to build and used 48,627 LEGO bricks in the process.

Impressive even without the Hollywood A-Listers.

CMA Clamp Down

CMA Influencer Endorsement Clamp Down

The power of an influencer post is now recognised as being having the same power of a T.V. or radio advert for brands.

With influencers playing a major role in their followers spending activity, there’s no longer the excuse for naivety. Promoting a post with any product sent to the influencers has to contain #Ad, regardless of whether they were asked to post content or not. This is particularly with regard to influencers who have worked with a brand previously. Fail to do so will result in legal action taken against them.

If you’re thinking of starting your own influencer empire, maybe give the new guidelines a glance first.

In the meantime, if you put #Ad on every post then you can’t lose.

Joy Of Missing Out

Joy Of Missing Out

In arctic conditions, the thought of doing something productive and having to leave the house is a brave decision. Frank client VoucherCodes wanted to find out whether the nation had gone from FOMO to JOMO.

With hours of entertainment at our finger tips and an untold amount of series to get through on your favourite streaming services, it’s becoming increasingly hard finding time to do anything else…. and people don’t seem too fussed.

The discount specialists have complied the traits of the standard JOMO influencer, making it easy to find out if you’re part of the movement.

Guinness Clear

Guinness Clear Goes Down Like Water
With the 2019 Guinness Six Nations kicking off this weekend, Rugby fans will be able to enjoy a pint of Guinness Clear. Which is also known as water.

To overcome the stigmatism that drinking water when at the pub means you’re not up for a good time, Guinness have rebranded the word water to Guinness Clear. The brewer is expecting a busy period over the next few weeks of rugby and wants to promote responsible drinking. This can now easily be done with a round of Guinness Clear.

When there’s a last minute try and the pints start flying around the pub, it’ll be refreshing to know that you’re covered in Guinness Clear, rather than a sticky pint.

Beth Sandland

Beth Sandland

Beth Sandland is a London based Influencer who spends most her time taking on the  pain staking task of exploring the rest of the world. Following the sun wherever it goes, Beth’s striking imagery and informative blogs give followers a real insight to what they could be enjoying.

Often laying back on a beach or dipping in to the clearest water the oceans have to offer, Beth has worked with numerous tourism boards, most recently visiting Australia.

Showing followers a glimpse of the world, Beth has built up an Instagram army of 46.9k followers. If you’re looking for holiday inspiration, then she’s a must follow.