The Week That Fan Art Peaked

Fan Art

Super-Fans Create Some Blinding Masterpieces

Peaky Blinders fans rejoice! Not only is the return of the ever-popular crime drama just nine days away, but incredible art inspired by the show will be popping up across the nation too.

In the run up to the fifth series, the BBC challenged lovers of the gangster series to create images that portrayed their impressions of their favourite characters. Peaky Blinders enthusiasts got to work with over a thousand submissions from all across the UK, from which 16 lucky winners were chosen. What better way to appeal to devotees of the show than through the fans themselves?

The BBC are using these artworks to promote the new series – displaying them in various locations from Birmingham’s Custard Factory to the walls of Shoreditch in six sheet scale. A huge range of ‘blinding’ billboard art has been produced, helping the show to attract even more viewers and get everyone excited for the new season!

Staycation For Plants

A Staycation For Your Plants

The Patch Plant Hotel is here to save us… or at least save your your favourite fern! The innovative idea from online plant shop Patch to create a ‘five-star’ hotel experience for our succulents, so that we can holiday with peace of mind, has provided a revolutionary solution for all the plant parents amongst us.

Patch have gathered a team of specialists and are offering to care for your leafy friends, regardless of how specific the requirements are, whilst you go away on holiday so that returning home to the sad sight of withered greenery is a thing of the past – and it’s all free of charge!

Patch’s profile has ‘sprouted’ after this novel idea and received a budding amount of coverage in the past week – a very unique and effective campaign.

Ed Sheeran x Heinz
If you wanted a matching tattoo with someone, you probably wouldn’t choose to get one with…a bottle of ketchup. Ed Sheeran, self-proclaimed ‘number one tomato ketchup fan’, thought differently. And, after his love for the product came to light, Heinz decided to collaborate with him.

150 bottles of ketchup replicating Ed’s arm tattoos, which boast the Heinz logo at the centre, have been produced. Fans of Ed Sheeran, tattoos and tomato ketchup are in for a treat as 104 of these bottles are up for grabs via an online prize draw, all whilst raising money for Rise Against Hunger and East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. Three bottles have already been auctioned at Christie’s, the remaining bottles will be gifted or go on display in selected museums for super-fans to go and visit.

Heinz seized this opportunity following the superstar’s love of the product and used his massive appeal to boost their brand, as well as managing to raise money for charity – an A Team performance from both parties.

Fake News

Instagram Tackles Fake News

Instagram are attempting to crack down on fake news with plans to give users of the app the ability to report content that they believe is false. Instagram users will soon have a feature enabling them to flag any content that they perceive to be fabricated, or misinformed. This will then prevent a post appearing on the Explore Page or appearing in hashtag search results.

The development is part of a continued effort by Instagram, and various other social media platforms, to reduce the amount of fake news that is distributed. Nonetheless, Instagram will not remove any posts that are deemed false and will instead just reduce their ability to be found. This is a preliminary step which may lead to the use of third party checkers of posts, similar to sites like Facebook, which Instagram is still far behind in determining fake news. Despite this, Facebook itself has even been subject to criticism recently for not making enough of an effort to stop the spread of false information. Hopefully, this is another step towards a more authentic platform.


Teen Vogue Use Snapchat to Provide Information on Abortion

Teen Vogue has divided opinions this week by controversially providing teens with information on how to safely obtain an abortion. The story, which was posted on Snapchat’s Discovery page, making it accessible to all users, informed young readers how and where they can go to get a termination without a parent’s consent (whilst still ensuring their safety).

The story had actually already been shared on their online platform back in June where it received a swathe of criticism,  but this did not deter the popular magazine from extending the advice to a larger audience. Nevertheless, although some have praised Teen Vogue for their “progressive” and “heart-warming” stance there has been an equal and opposite reaction among people who consider it to be “disgusting” and harmful.  We commend any platform that arms young people with unbiased information, to help them make informed decisions.

Instagram AR

Instagram Goes AR

Instagram is following in the footsteps of Snapchat by creating a new platform, allowing users to make their own filters. Spark are the genius behind the platform which allows users to design augmented reality (AR) filters,  which will allow Instagram have taken their visual game to the next level.

The update brings a handful of additional new features, with a new ‘AR explore tab’ where you can browse through and sample the range of filters and visual effects created by others. Additionally, an ‘Effect Gallery’ will also come into action which collates AR filters from up and coming artists. The use of AR is becoming a much more common occurrence on social media.

Similar updates on Snapchat have proved extremely successful for the app with the new lenses leading to almost ‘9 million new users’ and Instagram is hoping for a comparable boost to their app.

Scarlett Dixon

Scarlett Dixon
Scarlett Dixon, AKA @scarlettlondon, is a fashion and lifestyle influencer from London with a following of 74.3k on Instagram.

Her social media shows off her luxurious day to day activities with some awe-inspiring photography of all her adventures and travels. However, Scarlett recently caused some controversy after revealing the news that following her engagement, she was looking for brand partnerships for her wedding. Although this will be shocking to some people, this seems to be a growing trend among influencers on sites like Instagram! We are all eager to see how these partnerships (and the wedding) develop…