The Week Gwyneth Melted Her Vagina… Apparently

Gwyneth melts her vagina, apparently 

She’s given us vaginal steaming, vagina jade eggs and $15,000 dildos, and now Gwyneth Paltrow has released a new candle with an unusual name – ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’. And it’s got people flapping.

With notes including Damask rose, and ambrette seed, the scented candle is designed to “put us in mind of fantasy, seduction, and a sophisticated warmth”, which all sounds rather nice. Because of course, who wouldn’t want their house smelling of Gwyneth’s vagina?

But good luck trying to get one; The candles have sold out online and there is already a waitlist for those hoping to get a whiff. We’re not sure if this is a stroke of genius… or whether it’s taking it a bit far, but it’s definitely got our attention.

This Girl Can celebrates 5 year anniversary

This Girl Can is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with an ad that shows us the unglamorous, sweaty reality of female fitness. The ad projects real women onto our screens in a bid to improve positive body image and empower women when exercising.

And what better month to celebrate than January, the month of #NewYearNewMe with pictures of chiselled abs all over Instagram and green salads left, right and centre.

So instead of worrying about what people are thinking when you’re sweating on the Stairmaster, This Girl Can are helping us say goodbye to gym-timidation, and hello to feeling good about being active.

Just Eat have a Love-ly week

The food delivery company have had a big week. They kicked off their Love Island partnership on Sunday with ‘bang-average’ Derek, signed up former Love Islanders-turned-brand-ambassador’s Ovie and Amber and then revealed that Greggs will now be available for delivery across the country.

The Love Island partnership kicked-off with a set of ads replicating tasks and phrases from previous seasons of the show, but the best thing about the adverts is that Derek is just your average bloke who works as a delivery driver for Just Eat.

Instagram Gets Their Facts Straight

Instagram has begun rolling out a new feature to combat the spreading of fake news or photoshopped images. The feature, which was announced in December last year, has begun popping up on users’ feeds. Third-party fact checkers, currently already used by parent company, Facebook, will look at content that could be deemed misleading or untruthful. Images will then be covered with a ‘False Information’ warning meaning users must consent to viewing the post. Interestingly, politicians will be exempt from this. Any content they provide will not go through any fact checks, supposedly to give a voice to challenger candidates. With the US election this year, this is a bold move from Instagram but one that could go in the right direction to tackling the fake news agenda.

Is This Thing On? Testing One, Two, Tweet 

On the note of evolving social media platforms, Twitter will be introducing some new features to kick off the New Year, beginning with a change in the way users can interact with each other’s tweets. Users will now be able to control who is able to respond to their tweets by selecting four options including letting anyone reply, limiting replies or preventing replies altogether.
The change reportedly comes as a countermeasure to potential harassment and cyber-bullying on the platform. Social media platforms have been looking at ways to further protect their userbase, so this change comes as no real surprise. In spite of this, some are citing the potential for biased threads of information as a potential repercussion of this move. Allowing Tweeters to be selective with who replies and interacts with content, could perhaps lead Twitter to become even more of an echo-chamber than it already is and depending on how you look at it, this could be seen as more damaging to the overall variety of content available on the platform. The changes are still being tested however, so we’ll see how far Twitter will go in implementing changes such as this.

Pinterestingly Popular 

Pinterest has taken over Snapchat as the number 3 social media platform in the U.S.. The image sharing platform saw growth rates double what many expected in 2019 and whilst Snapchat also saw growth after a successful Android release, it wasn’t enough to keep ahead of Pinterest. eMarketer even predict that the gap between the two will continue to grow as Pinterest sets their sights on Instagram and Twitter. Another factor that may have contributed is the roll out of Pinterest Trends: a tool that allows people to view top search terms and the data behind these, similar to Google Trends and things trending on Twitter. Pinterest trends has been in beta in the US since mid-December and companies with early access – such as Albertsons – are already reporting successful campaigns off the back of the insights these trends provided. It’s exciting times for Pinterest and these trends could be something to keep an eye out for over the coming weeks and months.

Influencer of the Week: Nikki de Jager

Make-up YouTuber Nikki de Jager – more commonly known as NikkieTutorials – released a heartfelt, unexpected announcement this week. The 25 year old released a video on her personal YouTube channel, in which, she came out as transgender. She explains that the decision to come out was one that she was contemplating for a while, but her hand was forced due to people threatening to publicly out her. She decided to take control of the situation and come out on her own terms. The 17 minute video outlines her story, explaining that whilst she was born a male, from the age of 6 she began to take steps towards owning her truth and by the age of 19, she had fully transitioned. The video was met with incredible support from other YouTubers and the LGBT+ community with her following on YouTube increasing by 300,000 in the 24 hours after the video’s release. Hopefully Nikki’s video will do its bit to help others with their coming out and transition journeys.