Jenner, Hadid, Disick and now… Frank?!

To celebrate its 20th Birthday, Frank has collaborated with Suspicious Antwerp – one of the hottest streetwear brands around – to create a range of limited edition t-shirts. Suspicious Antwerp has previously collaborated with an array of famous faces, including the likes of Kylie Jenner, Scott Disick, Gigi Hadid and now they can add Frank to their list! The Frank collaboration marks the first between Suspicious Antwerp and another brand.

The collaboration cleverly incorporates Suspicious Antwerp‘s distinctive style and Frank’s own unique branding, by featuring the Welcome to Frank #WTF hashtag as the t-shirt slogan.

The countdown is on for you to grab this limited edition merchandise, and with Suspicious Antwerp product releases renowned for selling out within minutes, this range is bound to be no different!

Grab yours whilst you still can at

Battle of the Valentine’s Day Meal Deals 

Supermarkets have been battling it out for the Valentine’s Day Meal Deal crown, with Frank client, Aldi, topping the leaderboard for the cheapest deal in the country!

The Aldi team have been working hard and have secured pieces in Evening Standard, The Sun, iNews, Daily Mirror, among hundreds of others.

Aldi has been up against other supermarkets such as Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Asda and Tesco who are all vying for top position but you just can’t beat a heart-shaped chicken Love Nugget to get you in the V-Day mood, can you?

Twitter Shows Off Real Love Notes

The social media platform is spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with a ‘Dating Twitter Advice Bureau’ in Covent Garden this week. The 3-day installation has a ‘Peep Show’ for X-rated tweets, the ‘Wheel of Misfortune’, ‘Ghosting Graveyard’ and ‘Gallery of Awkward Silence’… Twitter hasn’t yet told us what these will entail but we’re intrigued to see what they’ve whipped up for us.

The pop-up has been supported by a Tweet take-over of tube platforms with some pretty risqué tweets, which are definitely something to brighten up your morning commute.

KFC Is Letting Lovers Eat Their Own Words (Almost)

The fast-food chain has partnered with Moonpig for a tasty treat this Valentine’s Day, with a chicken-scented Valentine’s Day card. Because what’s more romantic than the smell of fresh, hot chicken?

The scratch and sniff card will be available on Moonpig and customers have a choice of flirty greetings such as “You’re finger lickin’ good”, “Fancy a peck?” and “We go together like chicken and gravy”.

But that’s not all, KFC and Moonpig are showing the charitable love with 10% of all sales being donated to the KFC Foundation.

Team GB Celebrate ‘Love Stories’

Olympians past and present have worked together with Team GB to create a series of videos celebrating love, in every form.

The content series features the first same-sex couple to win Olympic gold medals, Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, alongside brothers Jonny and Alistair Brownlee and divers Jack Laugher and Lois Toulson. The athletes share their experiences of sibling, parental and romantic love in the touching videos, as well as explaining how the team’s support drove them to success.

The videos are a heart-warming watching and a welcome change from the other, more traditional, PR stunts around Valentine’s Day.

Google Publishes Top Valentine’s Day Searches

Google have published Valentine’s Day trends based on their Trends Data from the last few weeks. They have identified the most searched RomComs, as well as the most popular love songs (Love Story – Taylor Swift) and most searched gifts ideas (Flowers, so much originality). It’s an interesting insight as to how people will be spending their Valentine’s Day, as well as what items we can expect to be receive from our other halves (or whoever!) today. This is another great show of Google’s transparency with data, how they collect and repurpose it.

Indulge in a Gü-y Valentine’s Day

Gü have released a Valentine’s day range to share with that special someone. New packaging and flavours like Sumptuous Salted Caramel and Zesty Spanish Lemon have people reconsidering their expensive candle-lit dinners this Friday. The campaign is also encouraging consumers to create their own remixed Gü lyrics to be featured on their #ValentinesPacks. Ed Sheeran’s Shape of Gü and Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love Gü are amongst some of the most popular features so far. With all the love in the air, we can’t help but think a lot of you will give in to the mouth-watering Güdness today.

Ofcom’s Social Media Take Over

Government approved regulatory authority Ofcom are to be given a higher authority when it comes to regulating all forms of harmful content posted on social media. This comes as a massive change from the current norm of social media platforms being largely self-regulating. The change was spurred after the death of Molly Russell, who committed suicide after viewing what was described as “depressing and suicidal” content on Instagram. The government felt it was time to take action and have begun taking steps to minimise the risks of social media use. Debates over the ‘freedom’ of posting on social media have sprouted in response to this news, with one corner advocating for complete free reign over the content that people can post and the other in agreement that somebody should oversee and regulate social media’s content. Regardless, just how stringent Ofcom intend to be remains to be seen and we’re sure even they are going to approach this carefully so as not to limit freedom of speech on social media.

Influencer of the Week: Dude with Sign
For those who feel like their pet-peevey-yet-absolutely-justified complaints are always falling on deaf or uninterested ears, this one’s for you. New York based Seth Phillips, more commonly known as ‘Dude with Sign’, is here to represent you. Bringing relatable first-world problems and some hot takes to the streets, he says what most are thinking but dare not say to our friends or peers. It’s a genuinely hilarious example of free expression yet a form of protest you can’t help but notice. We guarantee you can relate to this dude.