The Week That PETA Fed Two Birds With One Scone

Stop Using Anti Animal Language

Take The Flower By The Thorns and Bring Home The Bagels

At Frank, we are absolutely against animal cruelty of any kind, but we were (like the rest of the internet) a bit confused when PETA released an Anti Animal Language chart this week.

Claiming that there are a number of traditional sayings which are “anti-animal”, PETA suggested a range of alternative options which we could implement into our everyday language.

The internet was naturally confused – and you can read some of the funny responses by clicking the link above.

The Whopper Detour

That’ll be a Diet Coke, 6 Chicken McNuggets and… a Whopper. 

Our favourite feuding fast-food outlets are at it again, with Burger King trolling McDonald’s by encouraging customers to order a Whopper whilst “at” McDonald’s, rewarding them with a 1cent Whopper if they do!

Unfortunately only currently available in the US, if customers order from the BK app within 500m of a McDonald’s, they’ll receive a voucher to purchase a Whopper for just 1cent.

Well done Burger King! McDonald’s… the ball’s in your court now.

Is Australia Sexist?

Is Australia Sexist?

According to SBS, no it isn’t, as a number of punters jumped to a bartender’s defence as she was repeatedly objectified, harassed and humiliated by her boss, who was providing training for her on her first day.

Fortunately, the whole situation was a stunt, a social experiment if you will, after studies showed that 80% of Australians felt they would step in if they witnessed sexism in action.

Sexism is still rife in our communities, so documentaries such as this are key in helping people to recognise it, report it and stand up to it.

Captain Birds Eye

Aye Aye, Captain!

Captain Birds Eye has had a makeover this year, and so to commemorate his first year of success, Birds Eye has released a limited edition 2019 calendar.

Posing up a storm throughout the year, Captain Birds Eye shows off his contemporary look with pumpkins, mistletoe and his signature smoulder.

Anybody else suddenly got a hankering for fish fingers?

Katie Alice Lowe

Katie Alice Lowe

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